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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which currently dormant Microsoft-owned IP would you most like to see rebooted?


Which currently dormant Microsoft-owned IP would you most like to see rebooted?

Banjo-Kazooie 261 21.95%
Battletoads 106 8.92%
Conker 128 10.77%
Fable 195 16.40%
Kameo 27 2.27%
Lost Odyssey 142 11.94%
Perfect Dark 166 13.96%
Project Gotham Racing 52 4.37%
Viva Pinata 48 4.04%
Other 64 5.38%

None of them, and I'll tell you why. What made those games great was the era in which they launched and, more importantly, the people MAKING them. All of Rare has been gutted since their glory days. The same for Lionhead. Without the guys who made them originally, you're left with an empty vessel without a soul.

I'd rather IP die than be whored out like this.

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Kameo and Project Gotham Racing would be worthy reboots. PGR has got to come back to replace Forza Motorsport for a year.
Kameo was just so much fun for me as a child, I replayed it on my One a couple of times. It is definitely evident that people want more from Rare than just new big games like Sea of Thieves. Let that studio relive it's golden days!.

Definitely Fable for me, because there's just so much untapped potential there. These games thrived due to the charm, and the humor that they brought to the table. The world, and the people they populated it with had genuine character, which made the whole thing a standout experience. That said, the game mechanics this world was built around were all quite average, and in many cases half-assed, or unfinished. Playing them always put me in this weird spot, where I'm thinking "man I really want more of this......but please let a better developer make it." Not really a line of thinking one usually associates with games they like.

Lost Odyssey, no contest.

It's the best (and only) Final Fantasy since Squaresoft stopped being an independent company!

Banjo or Blinx

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Blinx. Microsoft needs something that can compete with Knack.

I voted LO, but only if it became multiplatform. JRPGs and their developers have a tendency to do very poorly on MS systems. RIP Sakaguchi's future as it pretty much stopped here besides The Last Story.

Wouldn't mind seeing how a new Perfect Dark would be handled also.

Lube Me Up

I would love to see a sequel / remake / reboot of Perfect Dark

Fable 4 is already being made, someone at Lionhead said they knew what British developer was making it.

I would kill for Banjo-Threeie. And that isn’t an exaggeration.