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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Labo is trending below GameStop’s expectations


Will you buy Labo?

Yes, day one 9 8.82%
Yes, eventually 13 12.75%
No 80 78.43%
Barkley said:
OTBWY said:
Nonsense thread because there isn't any real market research displayed here.

The thread needs updating, it should be "Nintendo Labo is trending below Gamestops Expectations".

And actual numbers and sources.

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With no actual numbers or specific context, this could also mean that they had low expectations for GoW and that they had too much expectations for Labo. That doesn’t guarantee any sales figures for both games.

I’ll give an exemple: Far Cry 4 before release was trending below expectations for Gamestop and they had way too high objectives for this one. The game still managed to move 8 millions without digital.
On the other hand, their target for Witcher 3 were really low because their were no real interest for preorders. Once reviews started to drop, we had a last minute frenzy and we had no stock left available for launch day.

One trended below, the other destroyed our expectations, both sold well.

KLXVER said:
Hope it bombs.

Why? What would that get you?

Labo is likely a minimal investment for Nintendo so what does it matter...

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I’ve adjusted the title. Please discuss the topic at hand and not people’s post histories, guys.


I applaud Nintendo for always trying new things. But sometimes those “new things” lead me to scratch my head and audible exclaim “What the f**k?”


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It's a really interesting concept but I'm not buying it because I'm not that crafty of a person and I don't have kids. Also It's going to be really interesting to see how well it does in the holiday season cause that's when most casuals and kids get their console. This is because at the moment Switch gamers are of legal age and at least somewhat hardcore gamers.

It doesn't much matter, to be honest. The people who buy into fads usually have no idea about a product until it's in the marketplace and they see it in person. Of course, there has to be an initial install base for that to happen but hardcore Nintendo fans will probably take care of that, even if they're not the intended target audience.

OTBWY said:
Nonsense thread because there isn't any real market research displayed here.

It's based on Gamestop's own pre-order numbers. 

But it's also a thread that doesn't make a Nintendo product look good, so it's nonsense.

LABO is a mainstream product. It hasn’t been advertised enough for that level of adoption. It will need all sorts of media support to reach the heights of its potential. Traditional gamers, who the Switch has appealed to up until now, are not going to run out and buy LABO in droves. Will have to wait till the holiday, when family interactive activities are at their peak, to see if Nintendo has played its cards right throughout the year.

What were there expectations? It is a very niche product so it's not gonna be some big seller. 100k worldwide for launch week I think would be great. And obviously the holidays is the main season it will sell. If all Labos combined sell close to 2 million lifetime that would be a big success for what it is.