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Mar1217 said:
Well, let's see if it'll have legs after it's first 2 months.

But the 5M milestone is obviously going to be crush in less than a month.

After, uncharted, Horizon and even MHW..... when i read comments like these I can't help but be shocked.

At this point, 8M is the least this game will sell. And thats going to happen before december this year.

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I think I may actually agree here, wasn't expecting Horizon, a brand new IP, to sell as well as it did, I was expecting like 5-6m lifetime, yet it did more than that in just its first year. God of War seems to have a lot more hype and marketing behind it from what I can see, and is reviewing better too, absolutely amazing scores etc... so yeah, 10m is definitely a possibility.

I was predicting 7-8m, but I never expected it to review so well, so maybe I would say 10m now.

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Before the reviews I would say "no", but now... yup! It can do it.