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Forums - Sony Discussion - Does Sony need an exclusive multiplayer!?

I guess we can all agree when it comes to exclusive, in these past 10 years Sony has been in league of their own when it comes to producing quality content in almost every genre, open world RPG, FPS, TPS, Racing, Platformers. But the one genre they sorely lack in is exclusive multiplayer and which both MS and Nintendo has excelled at, with Halo, soon it will be state of decay 2, Sea of thieves had enough buzz to make people sit up and notice, and technically PUBG too. Nintendo Has Smash, Splatoon, and mario kart. 

Its not that sony have not tried to make an exclusive multiplayer, at one point socom on PS2 was huge outside of that game i cant remember any other multiplayer game taking off on playstation, and its no secret that sony has tried but failed. Some of the games are Warhawk, starhawk, MAG, Killzone, for a while Resistance multiplayer showed some potential, Even uncharted 2 and the last of us multiplayer community thrived for a while. Then on PS4 came Killzone Shadow fall, Tomorrow children, driveclub, drawn to death all failed to take off and not to mention that cancelled Sony Santa Monica game which was too similar to destiny.  

So the topic is, sure sony doesnt need an exclusive multiplayer game they are just doing fine with fortnite and other free play games, but its epic who is earning truck loads of money and i doubt sony wouldnt want a piece of that, sony knows about this deficit and they would love to have a multiplayer exclusive game on their platform. I doubt Sony will try to compete with a new game, instead it will be wise for them to revamp an old game to new standards and hope that it works. So according to you guys which are the games u would prefer to see comeback in multiplayer form. my picks are

Killzone Mercenary from vita had really cool ideas.


Or use the brand power of the last of us and fuse the Faction MP with battle royal system in a post apocalyptic city.

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Technically, no they don't.

Holistically, it would be nice.

That they habe domw so well without any major first party multiplayer game is proof they do't need it.

On another note, its even-good they don't chase it. 3rd parties pretty much only put out multiplayer games these days. Its nice aony only seems to focus on the single player games.

No they dont need, but I find strange that Sony dont have some its own big multiplayer game.

Well they have GT Sport ,and Everbodys Golf, and UC online, which are all good.

That said im surprised that Fat Princess Adventures didnt just include the Ps3 game in it. Seemed like a no brainer.
I feel like Warhawk port or even MAG port would have made sense.

But its not like they really need it. That said, I still think Days Gone will get battle royale mp in it.

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*looks at PS4 sales* nope, not needed at all.

Personally I dont think they need it.

Sony tried their hands on MP with a few of their games last gen and wasn't booming so Sony probably knows MP isn't their strengths.

They know many big 3rd party games have a strong hold on the MP market and has it good so why would Sony want to waste time and resources while those 3rd party games help sell their system? It's better for Sony to just market games like CoD and Destiny.

Also I see a lot of people playing Fortnite on PS4 which is completely free so how/why should Sony compete with that lol

taus90 said: . 

Or use the brand power of the last of us and fuse the Faction MP with battle royal system in a post apocalyptic city.

This! Last of us 2 whit battle royale mode!

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Miyamotoo said:
No they dont need, but I find strange that Sony dont have some its own big multiplayer game.

I find it strange that they never developed a big, traditional FPS, such as a Halo competitor.  

But, as many people have said, they clearly don't "need" to do so.  They're doing well without it.  

No, they don't, but I want to see Socom come back.