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Forums - General Discussion - Similarities between Bungie's Destiny, The Matrix, LOTR, etc.

maybe maybe not who knows.

these days a lot of things take inspiration from old things.



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EricHiggin said:
I'm not saying Bungie should be ashamed of it if they did take inspiration. If they did, they definitely have their own version of it that's different enough, considering I've followed the game from the start and just noticed this. People can have similar idea's no doubt. The Matrix more than likely also took inspiration from Tron.

I guess I'm just curious as to where the Destiny story leads/ends up. Based on what's known about the lore, a similar story line to The Matrix, could be on the table. So could just about anything else though.

The thing is, The Matrix is infamous itself for "borrowing" ideas from other places.  Pretty much the entire thing is cobbled together from other sources.

Siva nanotechnology fighting the Iron Lords (pre-Guardians) in a bunker in Destiny and the Sentinel invasion fighting humans in Zion (bunker) in The Matrix.

They are speaking English in the vids, and most points can be found in the vids, fyi.



These two Matrix vids relate to the rest of the Destiny vids below in some way.


The mysterious Oracle is always talking about time and is always manipulating Neo, "the one", to get the outcome she wants (B-1:04-2:02).

The mysterious Exo Stranger is always talking about time and manipulating you, 'the Guardian', to get the outcome she wants (C-0:01-0:26).


The Oracle is a program so Neo doesn't know whether or not to trust her, but believes working together can make change (A-1:00-2:45).

The Stranger isn't a Guardian, yet tells the Guardian, "I believe where our path's cross, ground could break" (C-1:11-1:30).


The Oracle tells Neo he will need to find the Keymaker, who is being held by a dangerous program called the Merovingian (A-5:20-6:30).

The Stranger tells the Guardian they will need to find the Black Garden, and it's location is known by a dangerous group called the Awoken (C-1:33-2:20).


The Oracle asks if Neo recognizes her, and he doesn't for the most part. The Oracle lost her old body and got a new one because of the choice and sacrifice she made to help humanity (B-0:25-0:35).

The Exo Stranger mentions, "our fight is far from over", then walks in the direction of the Traveler and disappears. Is the Stranger the Traveler in a new body while it heals, due to it's sacrifice to save humanity? (D-1:15-1:30).


The Oracle tells Neo "everything that has a beginning, has an end" (B-3:45-4:20).

The Exo Stranger mentions, "all ends are new beginnings" (D-0:57-1:15).


The Oracle is always trying to give Neo candy, because who doesn't like or want candy? (A-1:45-2:20).

The Stranger gives you her futuristic gun, because in the world of Destiny, who doesn't like or want more useful weapons? (D-0:37-1:00).


The Oracle is female, who is a program from the machine real world, and wants choice and freedom (B-3:06-3:28)(J-3:18-4:20).

The Stranger is a fembot, and the Traveler is a round, smooth (mechanical) object, like a female, who wants choice and freedom (C-2:07-2:20).





Seraph protects the Oracle, or as he puts it, "what matters most", and is seen by Neo as a program of light (E-0:15-0:40).

The Speaker speaks for the Traveler, to make sure it's protected since it's what matters most, and is always preaching about "the light" (H-0:30-0:55).


The Oracle says "I see the end coming, I see the darkness spreading, I see death, and you are all that stands in his way" (B-3:28-4:59).

The Speaker and Stranger talk about the Travelers enemy the Darkness and how it's coming back, and how you have to fight to stop it (H-1:45-2:30).


When Seraph is protecting the child Sati for the Oracle, Smith comes after them (as the lights go out) and Sati tells Seraph she's scared (F-0:01-0:25).

The Speaker talks about how the children are so frightened of the Darkness and the tales of it (H-1:20-1:40).


When Seraph and Sati hide from Smith and he/they find them (F-0:30-1:53).

The Traveler is hiding from the Darkness, yet wakes it up and it/they start to come for the Traveler (G-1:00-1:30).




The Matrix focuses on a few numbers, one of them being 3. Most evident, Neo, Trinity, and Morpheus (L-0:39-1:00).

Destiny focuses on a few numbers, one of them being 3. Most evident, Warlock, Hunter, Titan (M-0:01-0:25).


The Matrix is actually a program that get's rebooted and cycles but changes slightly from one version to the next (J-2:48-4:49).

In Destiny, the intro to the game shows what seems to be slight differences of the same event (I-1:11-1:23).


The Matrix is a digital world made by machines to enslave humans for as long as possible, and to also learn from them (J-1:19-2:48).

In Destiny, the Vex have portals to other worlds/realities that can manipulate time, where a Guardian can get lost in forever (M-1:00-1:11).


The Architect is a man, and is a program from the machine real world, who wants order and power (J-0:50-1:19).

The Darkness is likely to be male due to its sharp, coarse, representation, who wants order and power (G-1:11-1:28)


Seraph is consumed by Smith when he tries to protect Sati, who also gets consumed for a period of time (F-0:30-1:52).

The Speaker gets killed by the Cabal while trying to protect the Traveler, who also gets consumed for a period of time (K-0:37-2:20).


Neo can jack in and out of the Matrix without having to physically plug in (eventually), and is brought back to life by Trinity.

Your Guardian can jack in and out of reality through Vex portal gates, and can be brought back to life by your Ghost.



Could Destiny be at least somewhat loosely based on The Matrix? Maybe the Speaker is Seraph, and the Traveler is the Stranger in another form? Better yet, the Stranger is the Oracle and the Traveler is Sati, which is Hindu for female sacrifice, and who has the ability to make the Matrix as she see's fit when it get's rebooted? You are Neo, and your two accompanying Guardians are Trinity and Morpheus, fighting the system?

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"J.R.R. Tolkien's epic fantasy tome Lord of the Rings is regarded as one of the deepest and most finely crafted fantasies ever written. Achieving a similar level of depth and breadth is a goal that Bungie has in mind for its soon-to-be-released shooter, Destiny, according to Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg."

"This is actually not the first time Destiny has been mentioned in comparison to Lord of the Rings by someone working on the game. Last year, Bungie COO Pete Parsons said Destiny has the potential to surpass the cultural impact of Halo and sit on people's shelves alongside popular works like Lord of the RingsHarry Potter, or Star Wars."

"More details have emerged about the online Lord of the Rings game that was announced last year."

"People working on the Lord of the Rings game include veterans who worked on big online games such as Destiny, Planetside, WoW, Everquest, Defiance, and Rift."

(Destiny) The Traveler - The one 'entity' that moves from world to world, giving it's chosen holders advanced tech and magical powers.

(LOTR) The One Ring - The One ring to rule them all, that moves from person to person, giving it's 'chosen' holders magical powers.

(LOTR) Isengard and Mordor Fortress

(Destiny) Shadowkeep Nightmare Fortress

(LOTR) Black Gate of Mordor

(Destiny) Dark Below Hive Fortress

(LOTR) Minas Morgul Fortress and Witch King

(Destiny) Oryx The Taken King

(LOTR) The Fallen Nine Kings of men, Nazgul, and Witch King

(Destiny) The Nine and Xur

(LOTR) The fellowship of the ring and the 3 main 'guardians' (of the hobbits)

(Destiny) 3 Guardian types, protecting the last city, humanity, and the Traveler

This is just a portion. I think there's a lot more about Destiny that takes after LOTR than The Matrix actually.

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