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Forums - Sony Discussion - How many new annoucements should we expect this E3?

I mean we're probably gonna have to sit through spiderman and TLOU2 and Days gone. anyone expecting any 2019 announcements or even late 2018?

oh yeah Dreams as well. It doesn't seem like any other sony studio is doing anything as they are already working on games or just finished them.


2nd party stuff? 

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How are we supposed to know :')

I don't remember all the PlayStation First Party studios but considering we're going to see Spiderman, MediEvil, Days Gone, Dreams, TLOUP2, Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima I wouldn't expect many announcements, Sony probably wants to hold some big titles for whenever they announce PS5 in 2019/2020. Still something is going to be announced, I have a feeling we might see a new Killzone developed alongside Horizon

I don't expect anything major to be honest. Lots of coverage of stuff we've been waiting for already. But then again, we got spoiled in 2015 and nothing can even surprise me anymore after that amazing conference



im wondering whatever happened to Deep Down lol

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More than E3 1992, but less than E3 2021.

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I predict 00001011 games will be announced.

Not a lot of huge stuff,maybe two announcements,three if we're lucky.Some new ip by sony and whatever retro is doing since the beggining of the universe.But i don't expect this e3 to be much better than the last one.

...Unless knack 3d is announced,of course.

I predict exactly 14 new games will be announced in total at E3.

Shu will come on stage, say LoD and move back.
The internet will melt, the PS4 will sell out all around the world in the same second, all the people there or watching the stream will start screaming, all the other video games devs will start bowing down, aliens will show up and announce their existence as they now admit humanity as the superior race and are ready to work under us and I'll be hailed as the reason the game exist and become master to you all.
You know, the ordinary stuff.

I don't expect much. Their main focus will be on TLoU2, Days Gone, Spiderman, Ghost of Tutshima, and most likely Death Stranding.

It's an impressive list and deserves attention, which I think will be Sony's focus. I think we might get a From software game from them, maybe. But most of Sony's main first party studios have either just released games lately or have their games announced.

We might see what housemarque is developeding next. Their next game won't be an arcade game and they announced they are moving away from that genre, so their next game, while I doubt will be AAA, it might be interesting.

Honestly I don't expect much in terms of announcements. Maybe they will have some surprises up their sleeves, but I honestly doubt that. Maybe a new Song Japan title might be announced