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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Announcements/surprises you expect at E3 2018.

I wish Kid Icarus Uprising 2 was announced.

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The Obvious:
Smash 5 blowout
Forza Horizon 4 reveal
The Division II blowout
Next FromSoft game reveal
Halo 6 reveal
Yoshi 2018 release date
fire emblem switch (unless it gets delayed)
Devil May Cry 5 reveal

New BGS/Todd Howard game revealed
Doom 2 revealed
Metroid Prime 4 first look
Retro's new game revealed
Bayonetta 3 gameplay
super mario maker for Switch
The Last of Us II gameplay demo
Ghost of tsushima gameplay demo
Watchdogs 3 reveal
new Splinter Cell reveal
Dreams release date
Ori 2 release date
Fable reboot/4 by Playground announced
Kingdom Hearts 3 release date
A deeper look at Anthem
More Battlefield V information
Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay
Borderlands 3 reveal
New Trials game

What we wont get:
Death Stranding (saved for game awards)
Beyond Good and Evil II
Final Fantasy VII remake
REmake II

I have a lot more than this that I'll be saving for my own thread once we get closer to E3.

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Mar1217 said:
melbye said:
From Nintendo i expect Retro's new game and Pikmin 4. I also think there is a big chance that Nintendo will announce Metroid Prime Trilogy HD. As for other publisher i think we are going to get Splinter Cell, Resident Evil 2, DMC5 and of course Sony will announce something. Wouldn't be surprised if Guerilla was developing a new Killzone alongside Horizon

Actually, it's Guerilla Cambridge that produced the last Killzone aaannnd it got shut down, so I don't think we'll hear from them soon. (Which is sad cuz Killzone 2/3 were my fav sci-fi shooters from last gen)


Anywooo, I think we'll see this at E3. (No order) These are early predictions

The obvious :

- Fire Emblem Switch

- Super Smash Bros

- Metroid Prime 4

- Bayonetta 3

- Yoshi (2018)

- Mario Tennis Aces

- Octopath Traveler

- Splatoon 2 Expansion

- Some 3DS stuff (HAHA SUCKERS !)

The unknown :

- Animal Crossing (Finally ...)

- Retro Studio's game

- Pikmin 4 (or was it Hey Pikmin that Miyamoto was talking about ...)

- Pokémon (Gen 8, Remake or Reboot ?)

- DQXI release date ?

- Spot for ''the game nobody saw coming is coming on Switch !!''

- Xenoblade X port for 2019 ??

The ''we never know'' :

- Monolith Soft new project

- A new Kirby game (lol)

- Insert ''Any 3rd Party exclusive''

Shadowfall was made bu Guerilla proper.

I'd love to get a bit of info on the new FromSoft game, some Borderlands 3, and maybe some Elder Scrolls.

I just want a new platformer (Ratchet, Jak, or Sly) from Sony and a release date for Spider-Man.

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Lawlight said:

Shadowfall was made bu Guerilla proper.

Yeah, both released 2 months appart from each other actually. But I was sure also to have seen an interview where the main studio said they were ''giving'' the responsability of this franchise to Cambridge.

And with Horizon's success, and the so so last entry of Killzone, I think they might keep this in the locker for a goood time.

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I'm expecting Fire Emblem Switch reveal footage and Smash Bros footage at Nintendo's E3. That's all I want. I just hope Nintendo can deliver ;_;



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flashfire926 said:
Pavolink said:
Not exactly all of them as new announcements or surprises, but I expect Nintendo E3 to go like this:

Fire Emblem first footage (2018 Oct or delayed to Feb 2019)
Pokemon Switch (Nov 2018)
Smash 5 (Sept 2018 with the online) - the big focus of the show
Metroid Prime 4 first footage (2019)
Retro Studios game announcement (2019)

Not especific order, but I believe these are going to be the highlights.

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More info on Metroid Prime 4, Last of Us 2 and Death Stranding are the things that must be there for this E3 to be really exciting. As far as surprises go I really wanna see Retro working on an original IP, since they are probably my favorite studio. Also would be cool if that “beauty and the beast” artwork from Fumito Ueda’s team turned out to be a new game.

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New Dino Crisis. With the rise of the Jurassic World franchise there's no better time to bring back dinosaur games .