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Forums - Sales Discussion - Is the ratio between retail and digital on Xbox one higher than on other platforms?

hiccupthehuman said:
Intrinsic said:

No.... ok' I can't speak for the rest of africa so I'll only focus on Nigeria. Its got a population of over 180M people. Now I'm gonna hazard a guess that at least 1M people own a PS4 over there (probably more but lets keep it low). 

Every single one of those 1M people aquired their console in an unofficial capacity because there is no official playstation support over there. Now there are a lot of other countries in africa. And this is just africa alone. Now the thing about this though is that sales from places like these don't even add to the ROTW number if I,m being honest. They add to the NA amd EU numbers cause thats where the consoles are bought from.

I just know that in such places around the world.... and all of such places probably account foe around 5-10M of global PS4 sales; they primarily buy their games digitally. Simply cause its cheaper. Like buying a game physically usually costs over $120 per game.

You are really overestimating how many PS4s or consoles in general there are in Nigeria and Africa in general.

The average income is 5,000-8,000 USD. I highly doubt that so many Nigerians are using their limited income on PS4s. Just thinking about the issues in Nigeria (and Africa overall) high poverty rate, low literacy rate, having one of the highest-infant mortality rate, etc., there is no way that so many Nigerians would be playing video games.

Case in point, in South Africa, which is one of the richest African countries, they sold 40,000 PS4s in its first year. So even in officially supported African countries, there are not that many PS4s. In unofficially supported ones, its gonna be even lower.

100k PS4 sold on Nigeria would already be a big estimation.

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jason1637 said:

Cod WW2 has 15.3m players in PS4. And PS4 is at 11.6m physical so close to 25% digital. Xbox has 9.4m and 5.5m physical sales to close to 42% digital.

So for Cod Xbox probably has a higher digital rate.


Yes that is how it looks now also interesting to see is that ps4 failed to double thecod ww2 xbox sales with a lot of marketing. So know it would be interesting to know how big are the parts of the 25 million battlefield 1 players for each console and the pc and other games.

I think the problem here is the genre. Its a shooter, off course it will do good on xbox digital or not, especially in where shooters re big witch is where the xbox sells the most. People have better income so selling most likely is not necessary, so digital is preferible.

Something tells me the ratio of ffxv digital is alsso higher on ps4. Does it mean anything? No, just one nit pick game that was already gona kill on ps4. I dont think we have any game that is neutral enough that we could make this assessment.

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Jigsawx1 said:

Yesterday i looked in the Highscores of cod ww2 and i saw that in the multiplayer are 9.4 million users played minimum 1 round. We know that some people only play the story or others only play the zombiemode. So we can estimate that codww2 sold 10 million copies on Xboxone reatil+ digital which means that there is a very high ratio for digital at around ( 45%)

I wrote this on the gamepage of codwwII (Xone) too.

So it would be interesting to know how much players are registered on the ps4 and the pc at the highscore lists on each platform with that we would know how big every multiplayer fanbase on every platform is and we could estimate if a game is overtracked or the ratio between retail and digital is lower.

Nope.  One of my roommates has 4 accounts on his PS4 in the living room and they all play a single copy of cod.   Users is NEVER an indication of cales.  Already, just that one PS4 gives a number that is off by 300%,

Only Microsoft uses numbers like users because you can falsely equivocate it with sales.