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Forums - Movies Discussion - Who is your favorite "LARA CROFT"?

When it comes to movies, that scrawny mouse can't compete with Angelina.

Otherwise, out of official models, I'd go with Rhona Mitra for Core Design Lara or Karima Adebibe for Crystal Dynamics Lara (Legend to Underworld).

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RolStoppable said:
I vote the model that was Lara Croft around the time of the release of Tomb Raider Anniversary.

Alison Carroll sure is a fiiiineeee Lara.

Angelina looks as close to the PS1 era Lara as you can get, so I go with her.

Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda!!!!

The one with the biggest tits

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Alicia Vikander. I never really liked Angelina.

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I mean, they're based on different versions of Lara Croft, and I've not seen the new Tomb Raider film, so can't really say... although Angie's tiddies sure remind me of the PSOne games there, lol

i don't know the movies.

Angelina was hotter.

kirby007 said:
The one with tits

Fixed that for you 👍

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Vikander by far. I've never thought Jolie was good looking in general. And then as an actress, which is more important, it's no contest either. Again Vikander.