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Forums - Sales Discussion - Global Weekly, 6th January 2018, Software

Can we ever expect the weekly software updates to catch up to the hardware, or will it just be a month behind from now on?

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Lonely_Dolphin said:
Can we ever expect the weekly software updates to catch up to the hardware, or will it just be a month behind from now on?

The updates are in the process of catching up. There were problems with the code as well as an intent to tie all charts to the upcoming prediction league, so for a while there were no software updates. That should be sorted out now, so eventually hardware and software updates will align again.

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GuyDuke said:
Excellent software performance. And quite surprised to see Splatoon experience such rebound!

Splatoon is a game when we think it will die, it just rises again. I think it likes to prove us wrong.

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RolStoppable said:
friendlyfamine said:

How exactly do we know that an innovative 2D Mario title will sell way more than Odyssey though? After all, it panders to the casual fanbase; I don't think they care if the games introduce new enemies or levels. It's played for the multiplayer aspect, and I only expect a gameplay overhaul to bring the casual fans back. People have grown a fatigue to the gameplay. Just like SMB1 -> SMB3 -> SMW -> NSMB. They've already damaged 2D Mario enough, it's going to take a lot more than new themes to sell like the Wii games again.

It's clear that 2D Mario games have a much higher sales ceiling than 3D Mario games, therefore an actual AAA effort by Nintendo will result in a 2D Mario that's going to comfortably outsell Odyssey. The only reason why sales of 2D and 3D Mario games became close is because Nintendo treated 3D Mario as AAA and 2D Mario as a B game.

The rest of your post only reaffirms the bias you have against 2D Mario games. Elaborate on the SMB1 -> NSMB part.

I don't have a bias against 2D Mario. It's clear that according to most of the Nintendo fanbase and other casual fans alike that a new 2D Mario game isn't in demand. It looks like a lot of old-school fans are content with Mario Maker and unless I dig through an entire chain of requests, I won't find a single one denoting a request to a new 2D Mario game. Clearly, Nintendo seem to be following demand here, as they've already announced Smash sooner than I imagined, Metroid Prime 4 is in development, Pokemon was hesitantly announced at E3, etc.

The ceiling may have been higher in the past but I'm almost 100% sure that's changing. People care less about 2D Mario and more people are getting into 3D Mario. 

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