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Forums - Sales Discussion - Super Mario Odyssey Vs. God of War (PS4)


Which one will sell more LT?

God of War (PS4) 6 7.41%
Super Mario Odyssey 75 92.59%

You reminded me of this..

OT: Mario. Not even close. 

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Strange thread, but my money is on Mario

Super funny lol. Mario and with ease. Heck it would have to stop selling TODAY just for GOW to even have a chance lol.

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Be honest..... you just wanted to make a thread where Mario wins right?

I feel you bruh...... Now make one comparing GOW graphics to Mario.... just to balance the scales.

Oh, I think we know the answer. *points to empty shelf marked "Super Mario Odyssey back in stock. Soon. Hopefully."*

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What the heck is with all these bizarre threads lately pitting two games on different platforms with almost nothing in common against each other? What's next, The Last of Us Part II versus the Labo variety kit? Kingdom Hearts III vs Metroid Prime 4?

If you're going to make a comparison, do it between two games that have a logical connection, otherwise it just comes off and pointless at best and baiting at worst.

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What a random comparison

But looking at God of War sales, SMO will most likely win

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Well, there's always a chance for GoW to reach Odyssey numbers, but seeing how it already has over 7 mils in sales with forseeable long legs. It'll be hard to pass. I'm sticking with Mario having the higher LT sales.



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While I'm excited for it, it'd honestly be a big success if GoW4 sold as much as Mario already has in under half a year, let alone lifetime.

Teeqoz said:

You reminded me of this..

OT: Mario. Not even close. 

I gotta say the animation was superb in this, but it was just kind of awkward. I usually love when beloved characters are shown in a less flattering light (such as that famous one of Mario responding to PETA heh), but it seems like they went for the shock and completely forgot the humor in this one lol