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Forums - Gaming Discussion - [PoTW] Which platform do you use most for gaming?


Which platform do you use most for gaming?

PlayStation 4 1,148 37.90%
Xbox One 326 10.76%
Nintendo Switch 922 30.44%
Nintendo 3DS 92 3.04%
PlayStation Vita 41 1.35%
Personal Computer 338 11.16%
Mobile (cell phone/tablet) 37 1.22%
Retro consoles 85 2.81%
Other (browser games, arcade games, etc.) 9 0.30%
I don't play games 31 1.02%

Probably Xbox One for me. Game Pass and backwards compatibility have kept me in their ecosystem.

Switch is probably a very close second.

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Pretty sure PS4, but Switch isn't far behind

Im tied with PC and Switch. For Switch is mostly just Splatoon while for PC its just league of legends.

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Well, recently I've been replaying Xenoblade and Ocarina of Time on the Wii and I finished Kirby's Return to Dreamland, so I guess the Wii is my answer :P I have a PS4 but the last time I used it was when I finished Nier Automata like in November :P

Nowadays, my gaming is all over the place, that I really don't have a platform of choice.

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PC. I'm a bit busy at the moment so it's mainly osu! and Rocket League right now since it's easy to play relatively short sessions in those two games, but PC is my main platform otherwise as well. Relatively recently, I've also been playing a lot on PS3 and PS4, mainly because of my huge backlog and because my girlfriend likes to watch, which makes playing on consoles easy together time.

Wii U

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Lately it's been Steam box (linux version).

3DS by far, followed by Wii U and PC.

In terms of total time on average, the Xbox One. Halo alone probably represents a fairly large plurality of my time spend playing video games.


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