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Forums - Gaming Discussion - [PoTW] Which platform do you use most for gaming?


Which platform do you use most for gaming?

PlayStation 4 1,148 37.90%
Xbox One 326 10.76%
Nintendo Switch 922 30.44%
Nintendo 3DS 92 3.04%
PlayStation Vita 41 1.35%
Personal Computer 338 11.16%
Mobile (cell phone/tablet) 37 1.22%
Retro consoles 85 2.81%
Other (browser games, arcade games, etc.) 9 0.30%
I don't play games 31 1.02%

3DS by far, followed by Wii U and PC.

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As of now, it's likely the Switch, as it's the recent home console I play most on. Mobile games may challenge it though, as I've been playing a lot of FEH, along with some Pokemon Go.



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Due to review copies of games I've been getting lately, it's been Switch getting the majority of my game time. But that really changes as the year goes on since between PS4 and Switch I have over 30+ games preordered between them. Both gonna be getting a equal amount of love the remainder of the year

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I'm about 40% Switch, 40% Retro, 15% 3DS and 5% PS4.

In order of most to least usage:

PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch.

Though admittedly I only use the Xbox one for streaming videos and movies over the network

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PC mostly, some PS4 and older consoles

Switch more lately. But before that Xbox, then PC.

I still play my 3ds a lot, more than my home consoles

Most game time is done on PS4.


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Considering Switches market share at the moment that poll result is very impressive in Switch's favour 

It would indicate that Switch owners game far more, which is supported by general comments you see online