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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - De Blob and De Blob 2 are coming for Switch!

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SuperNova said:
killeryoshis said:

Fun game. People like to call it the inspiration for Splatoon. However they play nothing alike however the charm is very similar.   Here is an old IGN review that I watch that convinced me to buy this game all that time ago.

I was really confused over Splatoons unveiling initially because I recalled seeing commercials for de Blob years back, thought it looked cool, but never played it and was like: 'Doesn't this already exist? Why is everyone speaking of a brand new, never seen before concept...?'

Someone on here helped me remember what game I was thinking off and after rewatching the trailer I reconized just how diffrent they are.

There was this really funny video that I can't find now of this guy claiming that Nintendo stole the idea for Splatoon from Xbox, and he showed footage of an old cancelled Xbox Live Arcade game xD . To be fair, it actually looked a lot like splatoon ... just not as unique. Plus, I can't imagine Nintendo in Japan were sitting there looking at old unknown cancelled XBLA projects to steal from ... lol

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de Blob is bundles of fun, but I ruined the game for myself because I let my OCD side take over and 100 percent the game. If I would have just played a bit more casually, I wouldn't have been sitting on edge over the timer and pulling my hair out trying to paint every last building and unlock every little thing.