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I would buy that

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I'd think about buying it on Switch just to support third party. But the last few COD's have been so bad imo that I'd feel dirty for doing so

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Vr and aim support and it would be worth playing, if no support -> skip

Black Ops 3 had a really cool story but it was quite convoluted and hard to follow, introducing way too many things for me to even remember them all.

Sure it was flawed but there were some really cool ideas in there and I'd love for the game to expand on these ideas in Black Ops 4. I'm sure they'll have to because of the plot twist ending.

But let's see how they remove the advanced movement system, my guess is it'll have something to do with time travel.

habam said:

Vr and aim support and it would be worth playing, if no support -> skip

have fun skipping 99% of the games in the entire industry

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Black ops was when the series started going south for me. Cod 2 big red one on the ps2 as well as cod4 and mw2 were the pinnacle for me.

This rumour doesn't excite me. I'll get it in a few years on sale for the campaign.

poklane said:
jason1637 said:

Black Ops 3 didn't really fit into the story. I expect Bo4 to take place right after Black Ops 2.

Don't really see how they can do that with Menendez dead/imprisoned.

New enemy?