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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - A reminder of how horrible the ads from Wii U was...

Just to remind the long road we took until the Switch became a thing...

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Wait, forgot this one:

Switch Friend Code: SW - 1286-0025-9138

And yet they didn't do a Christms ad with "All I want for Christmas is U". Selfrestraint.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Shitting on Wii U ads is overrated.

the Wii U was a necessary evil. it will be remembered for being terrible for all eternity, but it was a necessary step before we got to the Switch

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Pointing out one of the Wii U's many flaws at this point is like picking on the crippled kid.

Stuart23 said:

Wait, forgot this one:

I had never seen this one before. Who thought it was a good idea, mess it's so cringy 

Based on these ads, the Wii-U sold more than it deserved to. I was rooting for that kid to hook up with his older brother's girl friend, but it went nowhere.

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Hot buttered popcorn, these ads suck ass!

This one wasn't bad