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Forums - Sony Discussion - God of War - Stone Mason Edition - $149

Why do you think retailer's set prices with .99 its our automatic reaction to round down.  Something 99.99 yes is 100$ but our brain says its under 100$ its why you never see anything priced with 00

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I love the "GameStop has announced the next God of War series with a special edition release exclusively on PlayStation 4." Where else could it launch?

It looks absolutely insane.

Please excuse my bad English.

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Not a fan of it tbh. Ill just get the regular game.

Day one, i was waiting for something like this

Don't buy that release date xP

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No thanks, I'll stick to the regular edition.

Amazon lists God Of War Collector‘s Edition for 129.99, April 20th

April seems a sensible date

For $149, not worth it.
..not that I am gonna get anything related to God of War anyway.