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Forums - Sony Discussion - Monster Hunter: World Limited Edition PS4 Pro Bundle launches January 26 in North America and Europe

Monster Hunter: World Limited Edition PS4 Pro Bundle launches January 26 in North America and Europe

Standalone Glacier White PlayStation 4 Pro also coming to North America.


Sony Interactive Entertainment will release the Monster Hunter: World Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Pro Bundle in North America and Europe, the company announced.  

In North America, the system will cost $449.99 USD and be sold exclusively at GameStop on January 26 in “very limited quantities.” It includes a Monster Hunter: World-themed Jet Black PlayStation 4 Pro console and red DualShock 4 wireless controller, a physical copy of Monster Hunter: World, and digital content.

In Europe, Sony suggests you check your local retailer for availability, as the bundle is not exclusive to any particular store.

In related news, Sony Interactive Entertainment also announced that it will release the Glacier White PlayStation Pro for the first time as a standalone console in North America exclusively at GameStop at the end of January for $399.99 USD. In Canada, it will be available exclusively at EB Games for $499.99 CAD.

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Can I buy this gamepad alone?

OMG thats great

I could see some that already own a ps4 opting for one those, simply because of how badass they look.

Monster Hunter: World Limited Edition PS4 Pro is by far the best looking limited edition model so far.

Megaton. Also Sony still getting great prices for their consoles. The profit margin must be huge.

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Why is it that the good looking LE PS4 bundles tend to be limited to Gamestop in NA?

its very limited.

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KazumaKiryu said:
its very limited.

and too expensive

Both look great. All white PS4 versions have looked nice

That is a fucking gorgeous PS4 Pro... just sayin'