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vivster said:
Maybe if it's not developed by Platinum. I heard they have enough other projects.



who else would develop it ? besides the only other game they are working on is Granblue (the new IP has just recently started development and has a 20 people team)

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Bayonetta 3, 1 and 2 ports, and Granblue Fantasy all releasing in the same year? Sounds plausible.

I'm glad people are interested in Bayonetta 3.

Well nobody didn't said its not 2018. game, so 2018. release is definitely possible.

Seems a relatively easy guess to make

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Well don't forget now Ninty is all focused on Switch - no more split 3ds/WiiU it should take half of the time to make great games.


It's either October 2018 or early 2019

mZuzek said:

Sounds to me what a lot of people said about Xenoblade 2 and Mario Oddyssey.  I think 2018 is very realistic.  Most of what they have announced have been released relatively quick IMO.  I feel this will be no different.

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The Xenoblade 2 argument is rather silly and simplistic...

How many games have Monolith Soft worked on ever since they released XCX? Did you perhaps forget to compare that to the number of games Platinum Games developed or are still developing since Bayonetta 2?

1. The Legend of Korra (That one released just after B2... the result was a bad game)
2. Transformers Devastation (meh)
3. TMNT (bad game)
4. Star Fox Zero (meh)
5. NieR Automata + DLC (Platinum's savior!)
6. Bayonetta 1 PC and Switch ports/ Bayonetta 2 Switch port
7. Granblue Fantasy (looks amazing so far)

Xenoblade 2 coming out early surprised me, but it wasn't only unoptimized and rushed according to fans, but the team simply had all the time in the world to focus their attention and resources onto this one single title. Plus, it apparently took around three years to develop.

I don't see Bayonetta 3 coming any earlier than mid-2019. Late 2019 is more likely.

friendlyfamine said:
The problem is no gameplay has been shown at all. Until I've seen gameplay I'm not convinced. We have no idea how long they've been working on Bayonetta 3 because they haven't announced a release date and had just shown a really short cinematic trailer and nothing else.

important to keep in mind that lately Nintendo has not been showing gameplay of upcoming games until prettyyyy close to their release. Almost all of their big 2017 games we saw less than a year before they launched. Odyssey at the Switch announcement video, Arms / Splatoon 2 at the January big Switch Event, etc.

It would be very in line with Nintendo's recent trends to show footage of a number of games at the start of the year that will be out in 2018 and haven't been talked about yet. I mean OBVIOUSLY it's going to happen with some big titles we've yet to see as Nintendo currently has very very little announced officially (Bayonetta bundle, Bayonetta 3, Yoshi, Fire Emblem, Kirby being basically it)