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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - UK: SMO/MK8D/BotW All 300k+ Sellers on 2017

Ill post link later...

Nintendo also had a strong end to the year, with Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8: Deluxe and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild all in the Top Ten come New Year. All three games sold over 300,000 copies a piece so far, with Mario Kart 8 ending the year as the No.1 Switch title (just narrowly ahead of Super Mario Odyssey)."

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This would suggest continued strong sales through December. The site had SMO below 150k as of the week ending November 11 and it effectively doubled that over the next 6 weeks, a lot of which are likely to have been new console sales considering LOZ which had been out for longer also sold almost a third of what it had done since launch.

Nice! Hopefully it does get better in the UK.

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Jranation said:
Nice! Hopefully it does get better in the UK.

I assure you the switch is doing just fine in the UK, unlike the Wii U it has more vibe and a substantial number of people I know either had bought or intended to buy over the festive period. A guy sat next to me on a flight to the Middle east during the festive period played LoZ on his switch all through the flight (had me envious cos I took my 3DS along instead of my switch) although I took mine along for a trip earlier in the year and enjoyed playing FastRMX in portable mode while waiting for my flight.

It even has considerable presence in retail stores like Tesco that the WiiU never had. The UK is certainly still PS4/XBox land though  (I am looking forward to that changing this year), it is taking some time for the Brick and mortar stores to yield to the demand for the switch and give it more visibility in their stores so I guess most people are forced to buy it online hence why the bestseller list might be slightly skewed towards it. 

Its a nice start and a respectable number.I am personally more interested to know France numbers, since the Switch is bound to do better there.

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I that good? I'm not that familiar with sales outside of Europe.

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