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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Squadron 42: Mark Hamill footage + Min requirements

caffeinade said:

Even if that cutscene was fully pre-rendered, what I have seen in 2.6 (aside from the humans) is far beyond anything else on the market.

The way that the ships components shift and react to the player's inputs demonstrates a clear commitment to quality.
I would liken it to the care Nintendo put in BotW's enemies.
I have only seen a small selection of the ships, and I have not played 2.6 for that long, but I was impressed with what I saw.

oh definite;y. I've been watching clips of people walking from the station, through the airlock doors, towards their ship and basically interacting with the ship's elevator system and the amount of detail and interaction is something else. Most AAA games these days simply open a single door and you can magically teleport into the vehicle or you simply tp into the view of the vehicles line of sight.

BF1 has an automatic animation of you climbing into a vehicle of gunner seat, but you're honestly trapped in that animation loop, meaning you have zero control over it. While that also looks nice from a first person perspective, it can often get you killed when you're in the middle of a fight (like the latest map, which has massive shoreline guns and you have to climb up a ladder and walk all the way over to the control panel, all while getting shelled at from a cruiser).

I love how Zelda handles it's general mechanics. Being able to scale a cliff by hand, is something not many AAA games do. Conan Exiles, an indie title is the second game next to Ark that allows for precise climbing. Zelda also allows for arrows to be fired from an extreme distance, while also being able to trace to where it landed, while most games out there simply delete the arrow when it vanishes from the player's line of sight.

I find Zelda BotW to be a technical piece of itself. It allows for all sorts of mechanics that most AAA games either ignore entirely or put in a mechanic or two, while forgoing the rest of them,. Zelda seems to put most of them in without a hitch and it paid off. 


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caffeinade said:
Masked_Muchaco said:

The thing with Horizon is that it has a great art direction. It sure isn't the most photorealistic game out there.

If we are going by art direction, BotW or Odyssey takes the cake for 2017.
(I would probably have to put Odyssey above BotW, personally)

Star Citizen is, from what I have played: so far ahead of H:ZD, it is almost funny.
From a technical standpoint.

Bare in mind, I have not played Horizon, but I have seen enough to have confidence in my stance.

What I mean is that Horizon has a great art direction compared to other "realistic" looking games, you can't really compare it to games like Odyssey and BotW.

Graphically wise, it's also not very fair to compare star citizen to horizon, both are AAA games, but one is a PC exclusive and the other have to run decently on base PS4 extremely outdated hardware.

In terms of interaction though, horizon have no excuses. BotW is is technically a Wii U game and it put it and most other games to shame.

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