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Don't worry! The cable companies all think that broadband is way too cheap so analysts think that they'll be raising the prices for that substantially. Everyone will get their chance to help fund innovation!

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They could do that before just fine. This is just the warmup. To lower prices with awesome convenient packages you need to increase them first.

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Megiddo said:
Pagan said:

I am paying for Sky, Internet, 2 mobile numbers and one Home Number 330 swiss francs. I thought thats expensive. And swiss internet is working with lightspeed. Thats really expensive over there.

Swiss Franc appears to be almost equal to USD. You pay that monthly? I thought internet/telecom service was a lot cheaper in Europe due to more consumer friendly practices and healthier competition.

Switzerland is a little different. When you get 1k as a waiter in germany you get 3.5k in switzerland. Normaly the price should have been 3.5 times the price of germany or france. But its not, considering that i have a flatrate for 4.5g (5G 2018) in the whole european union and free minutes everywhere in the Zone1 Countrys incl. Usa and canada.

I dumped comcast for At+t and will do it again for them if this happens.

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That has been happening, when has comcast gone down?. You would know if you paid your own bills. Also, this does not list how much taxes were and are going up. Alot more in that price that is not shown.


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Costs per MB are dramatically down over the last decades. Compare that to the prices of modem dial-up in the 90s or early 2000s where you could pay 1$ per 1 MB downloaded.

Cable companies are shit and have been doing this for years. Even worse, these companies would agree on divying up the map, effectively giving them regional monopolies.