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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: The Official PUBG Thread

LudicrousSpeed said:
DroidKnight said:

I got my first Chicken Dinner on on the weekend, and had shaky fingers for about 15 minutes after. Very intense moments in this game. Several jump scares when I came across someone hiding in a bedroom or bathroom.

I tried some duos and squads, but never came across anyone wearing a headset which sucks.

xxDroidKnightxx (gamer tag). Feel free to add me. edit (Xbox)

Yeah when I had my best solo game (3rd) my heart was pounding. The other two guys were just circling each other in vehicles in the tiny safe area. I was trying to figure out a way to go out there and kill them without getting run over when the blue wall of death got me.

The closest I can compare it to is SOCOM on PS2 when your team is dead and it’s you against 3 or 4 people and you take them all out.

hah yea I've had a few face palm deaths myself, My first been when I finished #3 and I stopped to shoot and killed someone running to the next zone  who wouldn't of made it anyway as the bluezone closed in and I was just Short of making it there myself. My most recent just now was a game where I had got 4 kills and well stocked on meds, guns and ammo and in the top 10 and the wall closed in on me and I had to choose either an impossible run or jumping down and cliff hoping to survive.... yea that wasn't happening :P

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There have been two Xbone updates to the game already. Lots of people on Reddit and Reeeeeesetera saying their game runs way smoother.

I played a few matches today, I decided to try and drop in on the military base the first two. In my first match I killed four people but as I was going towards the big bridge my game crashed. When I rejoined, my Jeep was underwater and I was dead. Game two, I killed two guys and got in a firefight with a third, late in the match with like 35 people left. He and I shoot at each other from distance, he runs off after I hit him. I turn and go to run into this building right behind me and BAM some dude is just watching the door with a shotgun. He could have easily just came out of the house during my firefight with the other dude and blew me away without me even knowing.

The best part of that second game was when I landed in the military base a dude was chasing me with his rifle. I'd picked up a machine gun but the game was lagging and not letting me pick up the bullets. He took half my health off before he fought another dude who was armed. While they fought I picked up the ammo and loaded it, then watched him come around the corner and unloaded on him, he died real quick.

My last match I dropped in way up north on the map and found a bike. I was booking it for the safe zone when I hit one of those construction signs that it seems like you could easily run over, and it fucking blew my bike up and killed me lol.

SecondWar said:
Please can a mod lock this thread until the OP changes the title to something less annoying.

No, deal with it.

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I've managed to win one chicken dinner in solo out of the 26 hours i've played on PC so far.

Also damn the new map seems great, I just wonder how long it will be until there's a 3rd map since it seems like the 2nd took about 8-9 months to arrive. (I didn't play on the test server but I do know it was on there for a bit).

Got my second chicken dinner on Xbox today. Have 7 on PC so a total of 9 chicken dinners on both platforms.

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New update. 4.4gb in total. So quite a substantial one. Second patch in 3 days. It's good that the game is getting support like this.

Here is the patch details. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

DroidKnight said:

Here is the patch details.

I got the strangest boner right now.

Thank god they fixed the crash issues.

Got a chicken dinner by only killing one person lol.