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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: The Official PUBG Thread

darkenergy said:
SecondWar said:
Please can a mod lock this thread until the OP changes the title to something less annoying.

No, deal with it.

No, I with bitch and moan until somone listens to me!!!!!!!

Although reading some of the other posts, its makes more sense with a bit of context.

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Currently sitting at 77 on Opencritic with 13 reviews. 89 on metacritic, but only 5 reviews so far. Edit: The Opencritic score is so low, because they are lumping both XB1 and PC reviews into a single category. 

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Update #3 is out, it supposedly fixes the intermittent in game lag. I still haven’t had frame rate issues outside of the start of games like the lobby and plane, but I have started having here “rubber banding” lag issues, hopefully this fixes it.

Check your messages if you bought the game, MS is giving out codes for the movie Battle Royale, which inspired PlayerUnknown to basically create the genre in gaming. I’ve never seen it, so I’ll check it out.

3,106,358 concurrent players today on steam. Damn! avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

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DroidKnight said:
3,106,358 concurrent players today on steam. Damn!

Wow. I wonder if they'll ever reveal how many concurrent players Xbone has.

Man, I had two amazing matches last night. Made it to #4 on the first one. I drove a jeep up to the tiny safe circle and got out of it. The jeep rolled about 5 more feet and then stopped, it ended up stopping about 3 feet from a dude who was proned. If I'd only have kept the throttle going another second, I'd have likely killed him. He shot at me, took me to half health. I ducked behind a tree and was healing but another dude hiding killed me :(

Think I got #8 the second game. Got killed while looting an enemy I'd just killed. The SCAR is a very good gun. I had got the AWP or whatever in that second game, but died before I got a chance to use it.

They've added the ability to matchmake into Squads mode with any number of 1-4 players. So me and my two buddies who play a lot can go into Squads with just the three of us, the matchmaking is virtually instantaneous, it's insane.

Got my first chicken dinner, 3 man squad. I feel very bad for one of our guys, game crashed when there was around 20 peeps left, he missed it. Was exhilirating. Me and my brother versus two other dudes, one of them in a buggy. He runs over the other dude, then parks the buggy and prones. My brother has the AMP or whatever, headshot, winner.

New patch has fixed some of the crashing errors, increased damage against vehicles, and added a first person matchmaking option. Only played one FPP match but it ran very smooth.

New patch increases stability and adds a control preset that makes ADS work like most other shooters, just hold down LT. it also removed the pistols from your Y weapon cycle and you now gotta hit up on the dpad to switch to it. This is amazing, usuallly I just don’t pick up pistols so that I don’t have to cycle through them when changing weapons.

DroidKnight said:
3,106,358 concurrent players today on steam. Damn!

Speaking of 3 million+ players, the Xbox One version made to that number by the end of 2017.

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