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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - It seems like Retro Studios is alive !


What is Retro working on ?

New IP(s) 26 61.90%
Donkey Kong Country 3rd game 3 7.14%
METROID !! (I deny Ninten... 0 0%
F-Zero (We want to believe !) 9 21.43%
Nothing ... 4 9.52%

I'm hoping for a banger new IP

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SegataSanshiro said:
Nintendo renewed the Trademark for Eternal Darkness last year. Retro not working on Metroid. Hmmm...

Nintendo has been trolling with that trademark for a long time.

I think we will know what are Retros project/projects at E3 latest.

Eternal darkness, even just a remake, would be sexy

They're obviously picking up the once long cancelled Raven Blade. You heard it here first folks.


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VGPolyglot said:
SegataSanshiro said:

No reason to doub tthem They hired Darksiders artists. Former Naughty Dog talent and ID Software guys. They have the people to make something a bit darker.

My reason for doubting it is that Nintendo has said almost nothing about Eternal Darkness for over a decade.

Yep... but think about Kid Icarus ... Nintendo release a new game of that franchise after 20 years of absolute silence...

That said, I personally think that they´re working on a new IP 

News from Retro Studios' project(s) is way overdue. I'm getting impatient with them.

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It's been so long since anything has happened with them! I would love to hear some good news soon :D