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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Official thread: The game Awards 2017 . (13+ plus game reveal)

Turkish said:
These announcements are gonna be small teasers for small games, like that new Portal spinoff game...

With megatons such as that, how could I NOT tune in for such an event?! 

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Tagging, probably won't be able to see much live since I'm busy tomorrow

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I should be able to catch it. Assuming I'm not busy with finals.


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I'll probably end up watching this although I don't recall the previous years being that good. Hope the announcements are nice at least.



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Tagging, not 100% sure if I'm gonna be able to watch.

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Mar1217 said:
Can't wait for my Gillette Shick Hydro Robot senpai showing up !!

And yeah ... there's tha possibility of a Zelda DLC showing up ...

Spoiler: Hydro-bot is the main antagonist in the Zelda DLC.

I predict that Geoff Keighley will pull out a ring and ask Kojima to marry him on stage. I mean, he was practically close to doing it last year already.

Nah i'm just joking, hope there's some good stuff shown tomorrow though. 

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3 hours to go.