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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Rumor: Bandai Namco Announcing New Nintendo Switch Games In December

Would be nice to see a wider variety of Namco Bandai games for the Switch

Still waiting for that Tales of game though

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EricFabian said:

Marcus Sellars, a writer and editor for several video game news outlets, has posted a rumor on Twitter that should get Nintendo fans excited.

According to Sellars, Bandai Namco will be hosting an event on December 15 and the Nintendo Switch will have a big presence.

Bandai Namco will be hosting an event on December the 15th. 5 unannounced games will be shown off during the event. Nintendo will have a big presence at the event.”


Down in the thread, Sellars mentioned that he hasn’t heard anything about Smash Bros. being at the event.


What do you make of this rumor? It seems to have quite a bit of validity, given that Bandai Namco has expressed their interest in the hybrid console. However, until this is actually confirmed, take the information with a grain of salt.





Looks like Liam Robertson said on his Patreon exclusive podcast, the games are:

Dark Souls Collection.

One Piece Dawn. 

Soul Calibur 6. 

Xenosaga HD Collection.

My Hero Academy.


I personally, don't believe at all, but who knows?

Ok so I recently read some theory that xenosaga, xenogears, and xenoblade exist in 3 alternative timelines of the same universe (similar to Zelda). This blew my mind and now I want to play the xenosaga/gears games. I have only ever beat Xenoblade 1 and am 3/4s done with Xenoblade X. I own 2, but am waiting to start it until I beat X. Any help on understanding the connections?

twintail said:
It's very strange when a topic here doesn't align with the sourced article .

Anyhow it could happen but I doubt they are Nintendo exclusive releases when there is most likely a direct a month later.

Considering how big their January's can be in terms of announcements (and that was during the Wii U/3ds era with like no 3rd party support), I'd imagine now that they basically doubled the games they can make themselves (unified device) and have a lot more 3rd party support that they may want to spread out the announcements a bit. Afterall, things can get buried pretty quick these days with Nintendo due to all the success and games coming.

Yeah, some games from Bamco would be nice to see. A new Tales would be even nicer. Do it Bamco



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Dunno who the first guy is, but Liam tends to be pretty reliable. I'd have to see the podcast to judge, but if he says he's sure of it, I'd be inclined to believe him.

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Just posting some thoughts on the 5 games.



Dark Souls Collection: Not the first time this rumor has been posted. But I wonder how they can fit all three games. Dark Souls 2 is 15GB on Xbox One and DS1 is 4GB on PC so they might be able to srink them down at least 2 down enough to fit both on 1 cart and just make 3 a download code since its only 20GB on PS4.

One Piece Dawn.: Pirates Warriors 3 is coming to Switch and Unlimited Red World already is. So I think this is a safe bet.  

Soul Calibur 6: Not the first time I heard this rumor so it seems pretty likely. 

Xenosaga HD Collection: Thanks to an easter egg in Xenoblade 2 I am convince this is happening with or without this rumor.

My Hero Academy: Already confirmed.

BITCH, Xenosaga and Soul Calibur would be glorious. Where's Tales of though?

Bandai Namco has revealed their Jump Festa and Jump Festa is on the 16th and 17th of this Month.

While they only list things that have already been revealed keep in mind that it doesn't mentioned My Hero Academia One's Justice which is supposed be revealed tomorrow but got leaked on Friday.

I'm glad the Switch's getting it's due from Bandai :)

Though ... where's DBZ Fighter ??!!

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Mar1217 said:
I'm glad the Switch's getting it's due from Bandai :)

Though ... where's DBZ Fighter ??!!

I get the feeling when they reveal Dragon Ball Fighter Z its gonna be months after its been out so they can get the FGC and Dragon Ball fans to double dip.