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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Console gamers, why do you feel console gaming is better than PC?

I think that the console exclusives suit me much more than the PC exclusives, so that's it.

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Conina said:
Cerebralbore101 said:

Vita has more games than any other handheld in existence. Being backwards compatible with decades worth of games, and being able to run games on other handhelds has ensured such a thing. 

The Vita has more games than DS, 3DS, GBA, GB, Lynx, Game Gear, and WonderSwan.... Combined. We can even throw SNES, Genesis, and NES in there too for good measure. 

Why then has the 3DS outsold the Vita by a laughable number? Because people care about what new and modern games are coming out, much more than they care about the ability to play older games. People also care about quality of games as opposed to quantity. 

Why are you arguing about false statements you made up yourself?

And let's all not forget who are the real kings of gaming:

Just pointing out the ridiculousness of his argument. You could say that the Vita is the superior handheld because it technically has more games than the 3DS by a country mile. But the Vita is a dead system, and the 3DS keeps on chugging. 

BasilZero said:


Not sure what you mean by the PC part, sounds like a casual Twitch stream watcher and not of a person who actually plays games.

Don't know how you could get that from what I said. Unless you weren't really trying to understand what I was saying.

I read/watch reviews. Watch trailers and dev dairies. Usually on youtube, and usually on my PC. I have never even used twitch and I can't even understand how anyone is ok with watching other people play games. Funny enough, I have the same reservations when it comes to porn.

Well i love both !

But i prefere console because atlus & naughty dog is on console only so ^^

Intrinsic said:

This one is simple..... cheaper and more straight forward. Emphasis on the straight forward part.

And I am way past the PC master race types. I can't even begin to fathom how stupid it is for anyone to think that because they are playing a game at higher framerates with better visuals they are somehow better than anyone else or living a better life. That to me is the pinnacle of stupidity and self entitlement.

Mind you, i think this of anyone that talks about how their pixels are better than someone elses as if in the grand scheme of things that fucking matters.

I couldn't agree more..

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Games and ease of use. I buy a PS4 game and know it will run on the system. PC is fine too, I do admire mods on games such as Elder Scrolls.

While there's a lot to read on the topic, as a former multiplatformer, here's my take.

After 2 gaming PCs and 2 gaming laptops, I just don't want to deal with the hassle of playing on a PC anymore. I don't want to check if my PC can run something, I don't want to check if I have drivers that work properly, I don't want to check if it's DRM or not, I don't want to check if it interferes somehow with my antivirus and so on.
I work daily on a laptop, in the office and in the field. I have a laptop on my lap every single fucking day for work, with a millions tabs and programs opened for everything related to my work and it's drained from me any joy I have out of seeing one of these blasted boxes.

I simply can't get home anymore and get my ass in front of a computer for relaxation. Seeing a PC does not relax me anymore, but rather put me into my work mind set again and it ends up stressing me instead of calming.

So I remain a console gamer. I will go on a PC for a game of LoL or HotS or some Anno...but it's not a platform on which I can game in earnest.

Also, for whomever said that bit with "majority of console gamers can't afford a high end PC"...I would love to see the source for that "statistic", I really would.

PC & Switch is the perfect combo for me for the next years.

I wouldn't say either is better, they both have pros and cons. Some of the cons from PC have drifted over to console (need to install & download sometimes huge updates), whilst some of the pros from console have drifted to PC (standardized gamepad, Steam sort of acting like the standard modern console OS). PC gamers gotta troubleshoot their own system, and often rely on fan patches to fix whatever is the latest mess Bethesda or Ubisoft has created...but then again PC guys tend to get their issues resolved and games patched faster than the console guys.

BasilZero said:
Replicant said:

To answer the OP, I choose to play on my consoles more often than on my PC, simply because I'm reaching the goal faster which is to sit back in my couch and have fun. My time is limited. I don't want to waste it on not having fun.


As Peter Tran puts it:

1. Buy game
2. Put game in
3. Play game

1. Check to see if your hardware will be up to it
2. Buy the game
3. Put the game in
4. Find out that the disc has no data on it
5. Download and install the game through some DRM software
6. Run the game
7. Game crashes on loading of the main menu
8. Spend a few hours on the internet to figure out why
9. Figure out that it's a specific issue with a certain program you have
10. Uninstall that program
11. Run the game
12. Configure all your graphical settings to make sure it runs well
13. Study the controls and configure the keyboard
14. Start the game
15. Game breaks
16. Spend a few hours on the internet to figure out why
17. Find out that it's a bad port
18. Wait for a patch
19. One week later install patch
20. Play game
21. Find out it's horribly optimized
22. Turn down graphics settings to minimum
23. Play game locked at console settings anyway

No idea who Peter Tran is...but this would have been true if it was 2005 lol.


For me right now its...


1. Buy Game (Digital through DD store or physical through store)
2. Put game in/download game
3. Download updates
4. Install Updates
5. Play game

1. Buy game (digitally only)
2. Download game (Includes all updates)
3. Settings are autoconfigured but game gives you a option to customize settings if needed, otherwise click on "Continue".
4. Play game

2005? I had that this year with Ori and the blind forest definitive edition on Steam.

Sure it downloaded all the updates straight away
My laptop far exceeds minimum specs, however with the default settings it ran like crap
I lowered the settings, still kept getting bad drops and sound cutting out
Settled on minimum specs, playable, but still hard drops in fps during fights making it hard to play.
Since my laptop has 2 gpus, I tried to find out whether it was maybe using integrated graphics instead of the GeForce card, seems it was using the GeForce.
My laptop is 2 years old and the gpu gets pretty hot, maybe that is the cause, dunno, no warnings or anything anywhere.
Downloaded new drivers for the NVidea Geforce experience didn't help. Except now Spin tires ran like crap as well :/ Used to run at 60fps... (could have been a game update too)
Besides all that I use a DS4 with Steam, however the game expects an Xbox controller,  prompts were all wrong and some buttons didn't work. I had to download another program to configure the DS4 to pretend to be an Xbox controller. Confusion stayed with button prompts.
I gave up after 111 minutes according to Steam, haven't touched it since.

Instead I played Infinifactory on my laptop though remote play from the ps4. No performance drops, no hassle., can freely switch between tv and laptop to tinker away at it when some time was available yet not the tv. Correct button prompts, gameplay recording not effecting the game.

Most of my encounters with PC gaming nowadays is through my kids, They play Minecraft on it and always want to try out mods they've seen on You tube. Fuck mod versions, minecraft versions, forge versions, java settings, random crashes, crippling slowdown, incompatibility between mods. I spend more time trying to get the mods to run and play nice together than my kids actually play with them. 10-15 minutes later they're bored and look for the next mod.