Forums - General Discussion - How much money do you spend a day on food?

1000 ~ 1500 yen.

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Not much, not much at all.

3.5-4€ a day (VAT included).

Also I'm eating meat every day.

around 10$ per person if my family only eats at home for the day.
then again, where I live organic food is pretty expensive.

I guess average CAD 170 a week on food for 4 people, About CAD 6 a day per person. It costs less per person to make food for 4 of course, 2 are only half size as well (kids)

I used to live quite unhealthy when I lived alone. Usually some fresh pastry item for breakfast, McDonalds for lunch, Burger King, Pizza or microwave dinner for dinner. Probably $20 a day in today's value.

£25-32 over 3-5 days.


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About £8 per day.

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Probably around $5 on most days. I mainly eat sandwiches at home and I have granola-type bars at work. My desserts are usually fruit and the most expensive part of my meals. I rarely eat fast food--maybe twice a month. I do buy chips for snacking or to eat with sandwiches upon occasion but not that often. I also eat a lot of dill pickles.

25 dollars every week.

None, I starve myself so i can afford video games lol

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On average? Probably like $6-7.