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Shikamo said:
Symbios63 said:
Thread has been updated with games released only in Japan. Thread title has been updated to reflect that.

If someone is used to Tables in this Forum, I don't know why some of them appear too large for the page...They look fine in edit mode...

thanks bro o/

You are welcome !

Pavolink said:
The king. I love so much that game that I'm so happy to see it being so successful.

It will probably slip to third spot after holiday season but I agree it is great to see it on top. It totally deserves it. I finished it after something like 100h and my completion rate is only 25%... Glad I probably still have another 100h to go !

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Quick Update :

One Game that released in Japan 09/21/17. Will probably never come to west. Opened around 10k on MC.

Fire Emblem Warriors which should release tomorrow in Japan. Will release at the end of October in the west.

omg, I loved the art for the games! awesome topic!

Zelda is no 1, that's awesome as I was thinking Mario kart would be, 1 2 switch beating all TP games when we have some good ones now kind of sucks but oh well

Some good dedicated work here on this thread. Really like how the games are set up with their box art and screenshots. Keep up the good work.



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Thanks guys !

Two games are out today :

FIFA 18 (worldwide)

One Piece - Unlimited World Red Deluxe (Europe only I think)

I did fix the bug with tables (I guess you just can't copy/paste them without messing things up) and I did add meta score for games in second post.

Fantastic work! Everything looks great! :)

Looking good. Can't believe Mario Kart 8 DX is doing so well. :D

Update August 12th 2017 :

No new game in the list.

Top sellers were : 1) Splatoon 2 ; 2) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe ; 3) Zelda

Next update will see first week numbers for a very important game : Troll and I !! Don't get over excited about that !

Ok, I found a better source (I think) for switch pysical releases.

I have three new games in the thread :

- Sine Mora Ex (apparently, this one did release 09/26/17 in NA. Can someone confirm ?
- 88 heroes: 98 heroes edition will be the only next week release (10/02/17)
- And I have this one :

I don't know what to do with this guy as it was apparently released at launch in Japan but does not appear in VGC database...