Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Seems Japan is taking the Nintendo Switch Online App a lot better than Elsewhere

Japan is far more accustomed to smartphone companion apps. The West is used to that functionality being built-in to the game or platform.

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Johnw1104 said:
I'm guessing console owners in the US have better residential access to highspeed internet and such than the Japanese (though that may not be true). More importantly though, this system works wonderfully for Japanese players during their long commutes, where I imagine they spend a lot more time and are more comfortable playing it on-the-go in public than western audiences.

The switch is portable. The device that should be doing all the work is with you. So why are these portions on your phone? The app would work better on the switch. You could still use the app as a quick way to do all the stuff without booting the game up. The app also feels like this was the stuff that was planned for splat 2 like it was being built for the Wii U. The app makes perfect sense for the gamepad. Don't argue the whole Switch doesn't have 4G. There are things called hotspots around you. And on your phone. Nor the whole the hardware can't do it. That's a failure on nintendo's part. Picture any one else doing this type of dumb move. No one would stand for it. This is also not an online only game. You have SP to do if you lose connection. Which is far more uncommon today than 10 years ago.

Splatoon is a world wide product. You can't cater to one area. Does Sony do this with the PS4 and Vita, no. You don't give a pass to Nintendo just because Japan finds it okay. Yeah a lot of people in Japan buy splat. So everyone elses opinon is chop liver? Having the app be on the system and voice chat directly built in. Has in no way a negative problem towards Japanese commuting. It's even benfical. Not killing your phones battery with the screen stuck on. I love to see you deal with the app open and you putting in your pocket. Pushing random things when I have to deal with programs like Youtube, that locks audio play behind a pay way.