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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Why buy a PS4 Pro / Xbox One X if you already have a console?

Look I like a smoother experience without changing my library and knowing that all the PS4 games will play better on it. Also it helped me avoid any hard drive (internal or external) and since I sold my OG PS4 the cost is very little. Like $150 compared to getting a hard drive and not selling the old console.

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If I already had a Nth generation console, I wouldn't buy a same generation, same platform premium model. I could buy one if I had no console, if the premium model weren't too expensive and it offered higher and more stable framerate and possibly higher level of FX and AA. Higher resolution could be a bonus, but it would be last in my wishlist, unless I bought a significantly larger monitor or TV than the ones I currently own, that could make higher res more desirable, but with a 22" monitor and a 32" and a 40" TV I'm already fine enough with 1080p, I should get something a lot larger to need 4k, for my tastes.
Better CPU and larger main RAM could be welcome if console games offered p2p multiplayer, and if the premium console offered non gaming functions needing it, not simply home theatre ones, but also PC replacement ones, say, video capture and editing, computer graphics, etc. But having to run on base model too, games couldn't use the extra CPU power except for what's needed to assist the upgraded GPU. They couldn't offer better AI or higher number of players and/or active items on the scene, for example.
Anyhow, only at a good price and not having a same gen, same platform console yet, a premium model could be a nice purchase, else no, not for me.

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It's for the pixels

if you are buying a Pro for a better VR experience i can get that.

but other than that i personally see no need. im very happy with my PS4 Pro.

superchunk said:

Same reason people buy new phones every couple years. They want the latest and greatest

Not an ideal comparison. Just like a console a phone only gets a limited number of years of software support. So even if the phone still works it can become obsolete because if it can't run the latest version of the operating system/apps. Just like if you buy a new generation console you will get game support for years to come, and the support for the old system will stop.

However the PS4 Pro is a just a refresh of the same product and will probably not get (much) longer support than an original PS4. In other words, the number of years of software support isn't extended by replacing an original PS4 with a PS4 Pro.

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It's for the spec nerds basically.

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ya I agree with what you said But some people like better graphics and console are cheaper than a PC by at least 200-300

For the same reason some people upgraded from 3DS to New 3DS...

Oh wait... The New 3DS has 2 worthwhile exclusives....

People will only start buying the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X in high volumes once the price comes down and the premium from the base model is small.

A $100 premium from the PS4 to PS4 Pro and the sales are 4/1 in favour of the base model. The XBox One X has a premium of $200-$250.....I wonder what the sales will be?

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