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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Final Upadate! [Switch vs Wii] Breath of the Wild vs Twilight Princess Sales Comparison + BotW already over 10m combined

Very, very impressive sales by BotW. I'm curious to see how it will end up by year's end.

Thank you so much for keeping this thread up to date.

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With trend appearing to be that all software sales for the Switch get a boost every time the Switch gets restocked or a hardware boost, I don't think it's too farfetched for Breath of the Wild to go back above 60k for Splatoon 2 week.

Boom BotW! Best game since OoT.

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Can't wait to see the update.

Damn, at this rate and with the holiday season on the horizon, we can almost be sure that BOTW will crush TP in sales

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Nintendo reported thats shiped 4m copies of Zelda BotW on 30. June with 4.7m Switch consoles, at this rate Zelda BotW could easily be around 7m just for Switch version of game at end of this year, and actualy take out Zelda TP Wii numbers in less than a year.

Great. I want this to be the best selling Zelda game ever!


Update this please!

We want an update!!!