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Been playing Persona 5, and so this obviously:

Here's what else that's been playing recently:

"We'll toss the dice however they fall,
And snuggle the girls be they short or tall,
Then follow young Mat whenever he calls,
To dance with Jak o' the Shadows."

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Darksiders II:

A lot of Breath of the Wild (terrible soundtrack Kappa )

And some others:


Recently I've been listening to Nier:Automata with some Gravity Rush remastered and 2 stuff.


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Panzer Dragoon/Zwei/Saga, Streets of Rage 2, Phantasy Star 4, Halo, Thunder force 4. Those are some of my all time favorites.


I literally just got the Nier Automata OST in the mail today. It'll probably stay in heavy rotation in my car for a while. As for other game OSTs I've been listening to lately:

King of Fighters 14
Persona 5
Final Fantasy 10 (was in a nostalgic mood)

Proudest Platinums:
1. Gran Turismo 5
2. Persona 4 Arena
3. Wipeout HD
4. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
5. Super Street Fighter 4

All three Destiny soundtracks. Say what you will about the game but the music is awesome.

And Last of Us.