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I have it... and I love this game... fast and insane...

Yeap... this is Lavos...

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I have the superior PC version. I dont know, the game seems a bit tired and stale though.

I dont think UE3 was a good choice for the UT franchise. UE3 is a very "dirty" looking engine, and UT was more about clean graphics. It just doesn't feel right to me.

I have it (more for old times sake) and I'm finding it pretty good. Need to get some user content now - although it was nice to see new free maps already appearing.

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i have this game, its the 2nd time i got hold of it, 1st the online was very laggy and got rid of it, but aquired it again through a trade, with the new update its awsome.

plus its much easier to get mods running now, grafix are stunning and its superfast.

a new mod is out that brings the game up 2 speed with the pc version without any loss of frames or accuracy, theres also a mos that brings the colours of the game out

a stunning game, if only it had a dedicated offline mode this would have sold a hell of a lot more, although i think it might have some legs and sales increasing slowly

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I have it.

It's a quality game. Fantastic graphics, fast action gameplay and insane multiplayer action.

I love putting on slo-mo deaths, low gravity, a small map, and bots up to full.

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game rocks! really it is UNREAL!

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UT3 is a disappointment, it's even worse than UT2004 (which came out over 3 years before UT3)

I'm hoping they release this year an updated version of UT3 called UT2009 or something.

I have the PS3 version.

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I've almost bought it on several occassions, primarily as the game is obviously good, and the modding aspect for a console game is pretty unique just now, and it'd be good to be a part of that.

However, I'm not the biggest FPS fan, so I've not made the step yet. Are the mods for PS3 really any good? Do they significantly add to the gaming experience?

I have it and love it :)