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Darc Requiem said:
Ryuu96 said:


Based on the next episode preview, it looks like it's going to be Siren vs. Canary. I favor Black Canary in that match up. They both have the same meta ability but Canary has shown herself to be a far better melee fighter. It's part of the reason I actually like the new Black Canary over the Laurel Black Canary. I think we may end up with a battle royale. Oliver freed Captain Boomerang too. We are getting a bit of Spartacus reunion with Nyssa (Mira), Deathstroke (Crixus), and Captain Boomerang (Asher) all in one episode.

Side note: I'd rather they keep Curtis and ditch Felicity. The Oliver/Felicity drama nearly ruined the show over the past two seasons.  I'd rather they not go back down that road.

Oh yeah, Siren vs Canary.

Alright so... Oliver vs Prometheus, Nyssa vs Talia, Canary vs Siren.

That leaves Boomerang, Deathstroke, Malcolm and Evelyn as extra (Hopefully Evelyn goes first as her fight will be the most uneven). Just looking at the characters alone, Oliver's team not only has the most experience but he also has the numbers so Prometheus Team isn't looking very threatening right now but then again Deathstroke could be a little rusty from sitting in a jail cell for probably years and Malcolm is still one handed lol and it's Prometheus so...they'll be a few traps.

I'm fully expecting Boomerang will backstab them too, the actor who plays him is great at playing backstabbing assholes (Ashur) It's great to see this Spartacus reunion, kind of hoping Nyssa and Deathstroke fight together, if only Spartacus wasn't Weather Wizard and could somehow get in on the action lol.

Cast Gannicus and Agron actors next pls.

I'd happily take Felicity leaving over Curtis but we all know that's not going to happen We really don't need two Felicity's though ....

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Gannicus was the man. Great character. Spartacus was just damned good show in general. Shame about Andy Whitfield. I think he'd be a huge star right now if he hadn't passed away. He was really good actor. He died so young.

Supergirl is the only bearable show. I've watched that weird crossover with Flash, Arrow and Legends (but without the middle episode because Arrow is on a different TV network in Central Europe) and could only conclude that Flash, Arrow and Legends suck hard. You probably need a mental age of 6-8 years old to enjoy those shows and seriously believe that action figurines aren't dolls.

Speaking of Supergirl, I came to realize how brilliant Phineas & Ferb is. Doofenschmirtz doesn't recognize Perry the Platypus when Perry doesn't wear his hat, but instantly knows that it's him when Perry puts on his hat. This fits Supergirl so well, because people don't realize that Kara is Supergirl because of glasses. The good thing is that in the last Supergirl episode that aired here, one character figured that Kara and Supergirl are the same person and mocked the idea that glasses can hide it.

The only way a superhero show or movie can be respected is when it pans its own cliches, because that demonstrates self-awareness and significantly reduces the bullshit factor.

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Not the best season finale for The Flash but decent one. Poor HR, just when i was started to like him. Tom Cavanagh is series regular, so he is not going anywhere.

Looking forward to non speedster baddie next season.

The Flash Season 3 Finale

Meh, Weak season finale and weak season overall, they played it very predictable and very safe, killing off HR (The best one, sigh) because they can just use the dozen of other HR's they already have (Sorry, 1, until they decide to find another ) was really predictable and safe, Julian came up with that cure crazy fast and KF turning good was obviously going to happen.

The final fight was pretty dull too, I was hyped when I saw Barry, Wally and Jay together but Wally and Jay barely did anything, vanished and then Barry defeated Savitar incredibly easy also if only Barry knew Zoom was that easy to defeat in Season 2...

I found it funny that Barry was saying his goodbyes while the city was being shot up by speedforce lightning I'm glad he's accepting responsibility but let's be honest, he'll be free in Episode 1 of Season 4.

For a minute I thought the Speedforce was just going to straight up reset the timeline back to pre-season 3 lol, which I wouldn't have liked either.

Also I find the "We need a Speedster in the Speedforce at all times" as a stupid plot device, I'm not sure if it's like this in the comics but I don't like it lol.

Hyped for Arrow's finale!!!

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Quick opinions on the finales.

Supergirl - Predictable and disappointing There were a lot issues with this episode. Supergirl beating Superman straight up. I know it's her show, but still not buying it. If it were her and Mon-El. Or if he were weakened by the silver kryptonite. I wouldn't have a problem with it. Rhea going toe to toe with Supergirl. It was established that Daxamites (of this universe) are not as strong as Kryptonians. Rhea shouldn't have been able to keep up with Kara before she started bleeding kryptonite. Alex proposing to Maggie. It's only been a few months and Maggie was hesitant to date her initially. Seems way to fast. Mon-El being forced to leave telegraphed. The macguffin to get rid of the Daxamites. Dispersing lead in the atmosphere. Lead isn't good for humans either. Side note: I guess the season 3 villain is going to be Reign.

The Flash - This year the Flash has been the weakest of the CW shows to me. The finale continued the trend. I may have enjoyed it more but quite a few people called the HR/Iris switch last week. Plus telling Barry right away immediately informed Savitar of what was going on. It just didn't seem well though out. The whole Savitar story was ruined by it being Barry. I find it highly unlikely that Team Flash would have abandoned Barry's time remnant. Savitar and The Black Flash were jobbed out far to easily. The Speed Force storm conclusion was handled really clumsily. People are dying in the streets and Barry is taking his sweet time with his good byes. The sad thing is we got a great Flashpoint style story this year.....on Agents of Shield.

Arrow - The best of finales by far. Prometheus was the best villain since Deathstroke. He was fully committed to his plan. I liked the way the episode had several callbacks to previous events. I liked how ambiguous they kept Deathstrokes role. Manu Bennett is awesome as always. For fans of Spartacus. It was nice to Captain Boomerang pull an Ashur. The only things I didn't like is Olicity rearing it's ugly head again and Artemis. Artemis as a character was the only thing I felt they bungled all season. I could a post on that alone but I'm rambling now.

The Flash finale was complete trash. Stupid all the way to the end. Truly awful. So many plot holes, inconsistencies and cheap drama.

Barring the last 30 seconds, the Arrow finale was a masterpiece.

Arrow Season 5 Finale

Was amazing Damn what a good good season, how do we go from that trash Season 3-4 to this. Arrow this season has been on another level compared to the other Arrowverse shows.

Deathstroke is awesome as always, loved seeing him take down them enemies with ease (I kind of wanted him to fight Prometheus though and I was expecting he'd be the one to kill Prometheus because Oliver would refuse)

Sucks that Prometheus had to die since the actor and the character are amazing and I'd say he's the best Arrow villain now but I guess it's better to die than to become another Malcolm Merlyn, he really mind fucked Oliver to the end lol, I doubt they'll top him next season.

I wonder who will survive (Wildog, Canary and Siren are already confirmed for next season) so that leaves everyone else. Evelyn (LOL Poor her if she's still stuck in that cage during the explosion, I'm guessing Prometheus didn't tell his allies about his final plan lol) I think she might die but maybe Oliver will save her as he doesn't seem to want to give up on her, I thought Lance would die this episode...Maybe next season? I'm hoping he doesn't though. I seriously hope Deathstroke doesn't die but I don't think he will, Manu seems to take a lot of pride in his work/characters and I doubt he'd come back just to die like that (We need a Deathstroke spinoff show...)

Curtis and Samantha will probably die, they would be the most safe deaths...Really hope they don't pull some BS and everyone somehow survives (Bet Malcolm and Digger even somehow survive)

Ashur....Never trust that man...Lmao...What an awesome Spartacus reunion, loved Nyssa squaring up to him, Deathstroke should have beat the crap out of him and I can imagine it's Crixus vs Ashur lol.


Arrow >>>>>>>> Legends >>>>>> The Flash

Prometheus >>>>>>>>>> Legion of Doom >>>>>>>>>> Savitar



Hyped for Arrow & Legends (Awesome to see Slade is back again!) Cautious about The Flash, Still don't watch Supergirl and Idk about Black Lightning but that trailer seems to suggest that it's part of Arroweverse which is against what we've heard so far...

Hype for Flash. I just love those characters.