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Pavolink said:
t3mporary_126 said:
Splatoon 2 - More Rumble and More Squirting!

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At this point, Nintendo would be very smart to make Switch VR.

After playing a bit of Pokemon Sun last night and seeing this, I'm sure the same people at Treehouse are doing the translations for the Pokemon games :o


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Easily the best drinking game of the decade... 100% serious.

Egelo said:
This could backfire spectacularly if the sjw types get offended by this.

They'll get offended by anything as long as they think they can get some virtue signal brownie points for it or get some use out of their useless 300k liberal arts/gender studies degree.

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Jranation said:
See! This is why the Switch is going to succeed! Since the Switch is region free...... Im betting on Japan to make good use of this!

You are totally right. I mean, if Nintendo allow it.

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JWeinCom said:
Easily the best drinking game of the decade... 100% serious.

This is exactly why I don't understand the doom and gloom surrounding this game...

My husband and I watched this video together and this was the first thought we both had...

I can't wait to get drunk with friends and play this game...

It's basically sexually suggestive Wii Sports...

Have a nice day...

And people complain that Nintendo doesn't do mature stuff.

That cow milking game is certainly going to make for some awkward/ lol worthy moments when playing with friends and family..

I mean we were having laughs and making fun of each other during that Mario Party Wii game where you gotta shake the wiimote to squirt paint or something. This time all subtlety is completely thrown out the window and the comedy writes itself..


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