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A simple thread made me realize something- I'm probably one of the only people I know who doesn't have anything against full body veils(or covering yourself in general). Is there a reason for the huge dislike for women that wear the hijab, niqab, burka, etc.?

My general thoughts(if you care so much) are:


1. I wouldn't cover my face due to me personally never wanting to do so. However, i won't stop someone from doing it if they want.


2. Anyone who wants to wear the burka/niqab should remove the face veil(or anything else necessary) if needed for important reasons. Examples are for security or medical reasons. Of course, if the woman wearing the veil asks for a female officer/doctor and there's one available, then she should get a female doctor(similar to how you can always ask for a doctor of a different gender if you're uncomfortable).


3. The only reason why anyone should cover is because they want to. If it's because a family member forces them, that's wrong. 


4. The bare minimum should cover most of one's chest to their knees(or hover around there). If one wants, they can be more modest. Fine by me.


5. Women who wear the niqab affect no one but themselves. People who choose to throw fits over it and claim that sharia law is taking over doesn't understand that  <5% out of the ~80% of muslim women wear niqabs, Why should we overreact if most muslim women stick with the hijab only?



Note: Please be respectful and avoid biases or generalizations. I don't want a war to arrive from a simple thread. Thanks.



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Until they rob a bank and no one knows who it was!

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

I agree with you 100%. Its like the ban on the burkini in I think France. It seems like a pretty basic human right to be able to wear whatever the hell you want.

vivster said:
Until they rob a bank and no one knows who it was!

Has that even happened with a burka?

A cap and dark glasses seems to do the trick

Same thing i said in the other thread. When moving to a new country you have to make an effort to adopt the local customs. Otherwise, you have no business beeing in that country.


When i see one of these i honestly laugh. I call them "walkings rugs". It's ridiculous. 

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I think you need to respect others wishes and religion and freedom, especially in America.

But at asome point you also need to integrate to our society. THE FULL veil is a little extreme.

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Rab said:
vivster said:
Until they rob a bank and no one knows who it was!

Has that even happened with a burka?

A cap and dark glasses seems to do the trick

Yep any face covering will do so that argument goes out the window 

I don't care what people wear as long as it's at least their size. No Mediums when you're clearly 2XL.

I used to be very adamant about rejecting this sort of "religious freedom". I remember being pretty offended when a Sikh man refused to wear the RCMP hat (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) because of his Turban. If I was still in this mindset I would have a very short answer for you.

I'm different now though. Apparently the number of Canadian Muslims will almost match the number of Roman Catholics by 2050 - and immigrants will make up 100% of our population growth at that point too (we will have a birth rate that matches our native mortality rate, according to PEW statistics). I'm not saying this is a bad thing; in fact I welcome it. Canada really is a mixed bag of cultural background, so it will be very interesting to see how the "religious freedom" argument unfolds over the next 40 years. To be clear, I welcome this future.

I know that Denmark just announced today that they are banning circumcision on boys under the age of 18, which will no doubt disgruntle any Jews or Muslims living there. They'll probably make a big fuss about having to travel out of country to private clinics to get the procedure done, and claim it is an affront to their religious freedom. But this is a health matter (public clinics in Denmark would not perform procedure, private clinics were very unsanitary) and not a "public safety" matter like veils/burqas. Besides, in Canada our gun violence is so non-existent compared to the USA that the "hiding a gun" argument doesn't hold much water. I mean the Hutterites like stealing stuff from my local Superstore and hiding it in their religious attire (big skirts and such) and they are arguably more conservative than Muslims. I guess it's a wonder we haven't been robbed by militant Hutterites yet!

Really I don't think it's a big deal. I know some people will use the "foot-in-the-door" argument but that's just fear mongering. If in 50 years we have a Muslim PM who bans the wearing of Hockey Jerseys well then I'll have something to say!

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I find the modesty to be beautiful. I do not understand why wearing more clothes is considered a bad thing. It used to be if you wore too little you were ostracized and now society is coming full circle with ridiculous views. To each their own but I support a women that wants to go to the beach in a thong bikini just the same as I support a woman that wants to show complete modesty. Freedom of their choice and freedom of their expression. That is how I was raised.

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