Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How many Wii u ports will you buy for switch?

How many will you buy on switch

none 42 33.60%
1 13 10.40%
2 17 13.60%
3 11 8.80%
4 10 8.00%
all 5 32 25.60%

I wouldnt put Zelda BotW in same bag with other Wii U ports, because Zelda BotW when it will be released it will be brand new game, while other Wii U ports will ports of old games.

I certainly buying Zelda Botw, I will probably buy Splatoon and maybe MK.

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I never had Splatoon, MK8, or Xenoblade so I'd get those. I had Smash Bros. on 3DS so I'd get the Switch version too. And I'm probably going to get Zelda on Wii U first, and double dip in the future. So, all 5.

Can't wait for The Zelder Scrolls 3: Breath of The Wild Hunt!

MK8, Zelda Botw ( I don't consider it as a port ), Xenoblade X and Super Smash Bros U ( if there is a main campaign this time )

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Zelda BotW (which isn't a port), Mario Kart 8 and Xenoblade Chronicles X.

All of them except Xenoblade Chronicles X. Honestly because I've never been a huge fan of J-RPG's honestly, plus there should be some additional content on all the ports. I absolutely loved each of these games!

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Mario Kart, Zelda and Xenoblade :)

Zelda is not a port, simply because its launching on both consoles in the same time(I assume).

And you forgot to add Mario Maker.

So in this case, picking up only Mario Maker from the ports.

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I'm going to buy Xenoblade and hopefully Bayonetta 2 but that's pretty much the only two games that interest me.

And lol at people saying Zelda is not a port. Of course it's a port. What do you think they did? Do you guys actually believe they started on Zelda from scratch on the Switch? Nope, they just took took everything from the Wii U development and put it on the Switch, ie a port.

EDIT: Woops completely forgot about Zelda, yeah that to.

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All of them since my Wii U "died" a few months ago and I sold all the games

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Anything which comes out to it really, me like a lot of other people didn't invest in a Wii-U as such any of the games they bring from it to the Switch are going to be completely new titles for me to enjoy on that plucky little handheld/console.

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