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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Switch could keep evolving with Nvidia Tegra just like PS4 and PS4 Pro

According to a famous Japanese gaming journalist, the Nintendo Switch will likely the NVIDIA Pascal ‘Parker’ architecture for its GPU, and the Tegra chip inside the platform could help the Switch evolve just like the PS4 and the PS4 Pro.

The news comes from famous Japanese journalist, Nishikawa Zenji, who has written an article about the Nintendo Switch and its possible specs on Japanese website 4Gamer. Zenji also predicted that Sony would introduce an enhanced version of the base PS4 several years ago. 

According to Zenji however, it’s likely that the custom Tegra chip inside the Nintendo Switch is based on NVIDIA Pascal ‘Parker’ technology. This due to the fact that Nintendo plans to launch the Switch in March 2017 and the latest Tegra generation in present time is the ‘Parker’ technology. Some might argue that the Switch could use NVIDIA Volta tech as well, but Nintendo’s isn’t known for using the latest technology. Of course, the Tegra ‘Maxwell’ architecture is also a possibility, but this seems
far-fetched due to its 20nm SOC. Zenji notes that there are no indications that Nintendo will opt for the ‘Maxwell’ architecture within the Switch.


Zenji writes that the custom NVIDIA chip will  feature a floating-point performance around 1 TFLOPS, and according to the Japanese journalist, there is almost “no possibility” that the Switch will perform above 1.5 TFLOPS (single-precision floating-point performance) due to the battery drive inside the Switch.



Another interesting tidbit in the article is Zenji’s claim that the Tegra chip inside the Switch would allow the platform to keep evolving just like Sony did with the PS4 and PS4 Pro (AMD Jaguar x86-64 8-core CPU).

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Cool if it does. For me I have to keep buying the latest console or gadgets, it's part of what I do for a living. So in my case, I get to pour more money into all things gaming, and in turn, I get more profit. So I'm pro upgrades. If the NS upgrades, thumbs up for me.

I think upgrading the Switch every couple of years would be a good idea with a caveat; I'd have Nintendo upgrade the Switch every 3 or so years and force all developers to make their games compatible with the current generation of the Switch and the generation before it. That way, everyone who owns a Switch gets six or so years of software support before being forced to upgrade to play the latest games.

Nvidia is known to be extremely aggressive when it comes changing GPU microcode. Not even AMD's recent GPU designs could keep a backwards compatible ISA. Opcode space changes all the time so there's no guarantee of backwards compatibility and that especially applies to Nvida

Doubt it unless of course Nintendo doesn't go around exposing GPU microachitecture specific microcode support in their gfx APIs but even then Nvidia's future designs could become too alien for Switch's software to run on ...

It wouldn't surprise if there is a New Nintendo Switch in the future :P

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Maximum possible estimated spec of Parker based SoC would be plus minus Xbox One.
It sounds too far-fetched for mobile to be honest.

You kind of need to have succesful large install base that is worth "upgrading" before talking about this.
Assuming that happens, then sure why not, but that isn't any special feature of the Switch HW.
Any HW could be re-spun at smaller fabrication process node, upclocked, given more RAM, etc.
If the install base is not large enough, or the future architecture is too appealing not to use,
then they will go to a new platform, like MS is doing with Scorpio, because sticking with ESRAM
will only hobble their performance (which is selling point they are aiming for) and why not ditch Jaguar while they're at it?
The point being a fully-compatable upgrade makes sense when you had a good platform technically and sales-wise.
If you don't have those, then you don't want to hobble the next gen by the previous gen's failures.
And freeing yourself from those failures will allow more power which can make x-gen more feasible on it's own.

Yes, this is definatly posibilite, that Nintendo stays with Nvidia and ARM.

Every console can release upgrades, but its all about how the base unit sells and how much demand there is for a new revision, let them get the switch out and in to the hands of many consumers and it might be a good idea to think about whats next, but this is too early to speculate.

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