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Oh sweet! Will download tonight!

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poklane said:
I played the Beta a few months ago and simply didn't understand the purpose of the game. You collect resources with others and then build a small town with houses and other infrastructure designed by the developers? That's all? It just seemed like an extremely shitty version of Minecraft.

who says minecraft is a good game in the first place, I much rather take something like this which is more streamlined and has miles better graphics and can give me the same feel. Minecraft is also more individualistic but this is heavily coop based

iNathan said:
Nobody cares.

Certainly a lot of people care about this thread. So you dont care about a PS4 exclusive with good graphics which is for free?

well i'll have a look seeing as its free to do so now,not really my kind of game though,not even sure what it is after seeing someone play it on a review

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Well, I have no clue what's going on.

The short tutorial set a great tone yet right after you get dumped into a town? with only the direction to gather resources. First I got killed in town by a big bug, then again after a bus ride to a cave? structure, then again while trying to read the knowledge shrine thing by some big stompy thing, then again sinking into the ground exploring, then again back to the cave? by another bug while trying to mine something. Meanwhile other people seem to be popping in and out of existence doing stuff?

The graphics are very blurry due to extreme depth of field. Up close it looks great as well as the reflections and lighting at night, oh just died again in the background, and again, and again. Perhaps I should go to a different town that's not infested by bugs, although what do I pick, pages and pages of towns.

First impression: ?????