Forums - Gaming Discussion - Would you rather #2- PS4 Pro/Slim, Xbox One S, or Switch?

Out of the following, which would you buy?

PS4 Pro 99 36.80%
PS4 slim 5 1.86%
Xbox One S 6 2.23%
Nintendo Switch 66 24.54%
PS4 Pro+ Nintendo Switch 49 18.22%
Xbox One S+ Nintendo Switch 11 4.09%
PS4 Pro+ Xbox One S 10 3.72%
PS4 Slim+Nintendo Switch 11 4.09%
PS4 Slim+Xbox One S 2 0.74%
I'm too broke to afford anything 10 3.72%

Except the Pro, I'm interested in all of them. I haven't decided which one I'll buy though. The Pro doesn't offer anything over the Slim that I care about and it costs more. I don't believe I'll be able to see a difference in the graphics.

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Just let me pre-order NIntendo. Definitely the Nintendo Switch. I've got a PS4,so there is no reason to get a pro/slim.

Keeping my pc which should do another two year without needing upgrade(unless a part dies), and NS

Ps4Pro + Switch :)

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PS4 pro for psvr enhancements.
Switch, I'll decide when more is known. Zelda is still coming to the WiiU anyway.

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Definitely Switch. Maybe even day 1 depending on its price. I haven't decided yet if I'm gonna trade my original Xbox One for One S or I will just wait for Scorpio. It is hard to sell original Xbox One for considerable price. I will need to add almost 50% of One S price which I think doesn't worth it. As for PS4, maybe I will get Slim version someday but not in 2017 for sure.


Wanted to say PS4 Pro + Switch. But I can't yet. I'm so fully, and thoroughly, enveloped in the Sony ecosystem in terms of consoles and sheer amount of software, that it's going to take A LOT to pull me away from it. On principle, and in general appeal as a portable, Switch looks pretty sweet to me. Vita might be my fav system of all time, and I loved the DS lite too. So a kickass portable is totally up my alley.

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PS4 Pro most likely, at some point a few years from now I might get the Switch as well, depending on what games it'll have.

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I just don't know what switch brings for me. I don't do family/friend f2f gaming. I'm certainly not taking a switch to my friends house to play. If I wanted to play with friend, id do it online.

I also really don't care for Nintendo games anymore, removing the obvious party/multi-player games, what's left tend to not be good enough that I buy a console just to play (zelda/metroid).

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