Forums - Gaming Discussion - Would you rather #2- PS4 Pro/Slim, Xbox One S, or Switch?

Out of the following, which would you buy?

PS4 Pro 99 36.80%
PS4 slim 5 1.86%
Xbox One S 6 2.23%
Nintendo Switch 66 24.54%
PS4 Pro+ Nintendo Switch 49 18.22%
Xbox One S+ Nintendo Switch 11 4.09%
PS4 Pro+ Xbox One S 10 3.72%
PS4 Slim+Nintendo Switch 11 4.09%
PS4 Slim+Xbox One S 2 0.74%
I'm too broke to afford anything 10 3.72%

If I got the cash, then Pro, Switch and PSVR.

I want to really badly play the new Mario, Zelda and hopefully a proper sequel to Lylat Wars. However, I won't pay more than £250 for the switch. All I want is a regular controller and a regular TV hook up. I won't be traveling with it or playing home console games on the move.

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If possible, I would like to go for the PS4 Pro and then the Nintendo Switch, but I would like to get the latter a year or two later than the PS4 Pro.

The switch doesn't work for me and can't see the point of it with the dire performance level that is hardly much of an upgrade over wii u. PS4 pro for me with PSVR once I see a good deal probably within 4 months of launch.

Switch - a "no brainer" having a Wii U and a 3DS...

Inclined to get the switch, but will have to wait for the additional information before I'm sure

Games too, so I will not be getting it Day 1

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If Nintendo doesn't put online fees, I'll get the Switch.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Definitely getting the Pro. The Switch is interesting, but until I see the price and, y'know, games, I can't really judge whether I'm going to buy it or not just yet. 

Best combo is PS4pro + Switch.

PS4 Pro, has the games I want.

I already have a PS4 and XOne so I will go with Switch!