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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Switch Preview Trailer

burninmylight said:
Captain_Yuri said:

Least it will be better than the "WiiU" name

After Wii U, there is only one direction to go for a name, and that is up.

Unless its like , Wii2U or something


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burninmylight said:

Yes. And you look exactly how I imagined you, by the way.

I hope that's a good thing, lmao.

Well, this is new.


onionberry said:
WagnerPaiva said:

Lol, I guess your insider friend was indeed telling the truth after all.

Not going to do another bet, just in case!

More bets! Bigger and better!

I'd almost be confident betting my own butt on your info at this point. 1 hour before the red dead trailer just seems too much of a coincidence, I think you're 100% right.

WagnerPaiva said:
BayonettaHair said:
aeee caralhooo

Hey, a brazilian =) Nice to see you buddy. I live in São Paulo. 

Ribeirão Preto aqui :)

If mobile game compatibility is not featured, I'll post a picture of my cat's butt.

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All that really needs to happen for this thing to be a success is for it to be one platform, not two. Will make it easier to keep it supplied with software.