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Forums - Music Discussion - What Are You Listening to Right Now?

This. I'm always listening to this.


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Qwark said:
Mystro-Sama said:


Always heard of progressive metal but never really knew what it was. Its actually pretty cool.

Seventh wonder is another great Prog metal band, (hidden gem) you should give it a shot if you are into prog metal.


My daughter goofing off in the tub.

The main menu theme in overwatch... it's good stuff.

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Feel the Bass - Jeremih

Really good song by him idk why Spotify doesn't have it, doesn't seem like a popular song either.

shikamaru317 said:

Good choice. The Sonic Mania team understands Sonic more than Sega does. The music is just part of that understanding but they knocked it out of the park so far. 

SolidSnack said:

That's a great song, i've heard it so many times, specially 4 or 5 years ago. I even saw it live once :) (not the remix version though)

I'm right now listening to some Jamie XX

Dethklok - Cyborg Slayers

Hunting Season is done...