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Forums - PC Discussion - How many games do you have on Steam? (2024)

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Okay, it's time for a little update:

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Well right now i have 633 Games

0 played 0 owned on Steam. I've thought about getting Steam just to grab Chrono Trigger and Tales of Symphonia, but I can always plug my ps3 back in or raspberry pi for that.

Two...The Witcher and Chrono Trigger. One because it is only available on PC and the other because I buy every version of it.

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According to Steam I have 113 games on there. Most not played, tagged on from sale bundles.

This year I added and finished, Road 96 and The Big Con.
Added and gave up on, Tell me why (snooze fest)
Added for my kids, BeamNG.Drive (fun for 10 minutes)
Added and not gotten to yet, Underland / Underland the climb

Honestly not sure why I have Steam always running. I had to have it always on when playing FS2020 daily, but taking a long break from that now. (Servers keep getting worse, now no live weather again, plane engines fail above FL240 and 20 minutes to start the game waiting for the server to authenticate, nvm)

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JEMC said:
JEMC said:
JEMC said:
I've gone from 116 games in Sept. 2016, to 180 games last July and the 198 that I have now after the Winter Sales when I added another 6 (3 from my generous Secret Santa).

It looks like I'm slowing down, and focus more on playing games rather than buying them .

In the last year I've gone from 198 to 214 games on Steam. 16 new games... more than I thought. Plus another 52 at GOG, 28 at the Epic Store (all free), and a bunch more at UPlay and Origin.

Another year has passed since that post and I've gone from 214 games to... 251!? How the fu..

I guess I got a lot of the free games they offered during the lockdown. WHo am I kidding, I also bought a lot of them . Just this Winter Sale I've added another 14 games to my backlog, three thanks to the keys that Conina and Rhonin shared over at böffer's thread, and eleven that I bought. I think this is the time I bought more games from Steam.

Here I am, quoting myself another year.

This past year the number hasn't rised all that much, and now I'm at 262 games. 

And, for the sake of it, I have another 84 games at GOG and 96 at EGS, all of them gotten for free.

Please excuse my bad English.

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As of now: I have 251 games on Steam. 273 games on GOG. And at last only 3 games on EGS(Will delete it account again, just an experimental).

theRepublic said:

I've got 40 games in 12 years on the platform. All bought at heavy discounts.

My library shows 47 games now.  I know a couple I picked up were completely free this year.

13 years on Steam.

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anyone else playing sifu? incredible game super hard!