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GS pass the ball better damn.

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Damn what would the Warriors do without Green


Ok so the Cavs win Q3 and are down 1. Irving is on fire. If Lebron can get it together they have a shot

That 3 pt ball went like NOPE to klay

the momentum is shifting quickly, that curry 3 was HUGE

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This game is not good for my heart :( Back and forth


Damn smart timeouts. At least Cav have two now. And take barnes out and put barbosa back in PLEASE

Lue takes out Irving, basically hands the Warriors a run. Lebron isn't dominating why the hell would you take ouf the engine of your offense

really? ezili replace barnes and now barnes come back? Barbosa is more consisten than these two jokers.

I am going to have a hear attack when I hit 50