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I don't know if this post has been made before, but I thought I should point out something that should be obvious but may not be for some.

With regards to the current generation of consoles (or even electronic devices), the wii u is an anomoly. It is the only console to retain the power pc architecture over the x86 architecture. With the introduction of the NX, we can gaurantee that it will contain x86 architecture (and if it doesn't, it will have near 0 third party support) to match the ps4 and the xbox one. The problem with this is that the current wii u games would have to manually be ported in order to play them on the NX (similar to how the xbox one is currently doing backwards compatibility for the xbox 360). Either that, or an emulator would have to be built (using what the NX has) to emulate those wii u games. However, none of these options seem practical for the NX (they want it out soon and at a reasonable price) which is why it would hold to reason that the NX would not be backwards compatible.

Just thought I would let people know so they don't get their hopes up.

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I came into this thread thinking it was an actual quote from Nintendo themselves.

Wouldn't be the first Nintendo console to not feature BC. No big deal.

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vivster said:
Wouldn't be the first Nintendo console to not feature BC. No big deal.

It's not a big deal, the current gen shows that having remasters of the best of last gen is good enough. No need to bog down new hardware to play old games.

But at the same time, I thought I would make the situation clear for everyone

The only people who think there's going to be Wii U backwards compatibility with the NX are those that have no knowledge of what it would take for Nintendo to make that possible. That being said, I do expect the majority of the Wii U library to eventually be digitally ported over to the NX to both pad out the NX library and to recoup a lot of the losses from the Wii U.

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Never expected it to have backwards compatibility... heck, we don't even know if it will have an optical disk drive yet.

The only games where that would bother me would be Zelda and Metroid.

So, yeah.

While I kind of doubt it will, it's far too early to say anything is guaranteed, especially when it's Nintendo involved.

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Great we can get them releasing remakes and asking us to pay $60 for them.

Can we put 'opinion' or 'theory' or something in this title?

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