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Forums - Website Topics - Oh wow the new game pages look like total crap

It is kinda bland, but this is a sales site. Any attempts to look too edgy will frighten away the serious buisnessmen who....want to know how......Cooking Mama.....

Screw it. I got nothing.

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I have to agree, the new sales are great.

But the negatives, for me anyways, definitely outweigh the negatives.



yea, I do want the chart, and the pictures back though.

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I agree with Montana.

They look awful and boring.


Looks alright. But I want the chart back.

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Well, obviously it's going to be worked on further (it's missing a rating system, for one), but I'm still very dissatisfied.

Devil May Cry, Uncharted, Halo 3 (to some extent), Empire Earth, Starcraft, Motorstorm, Resistance: Fall of Man...

I could go on, but these games all have something in common...

I put a lot of work into these games, selecting good colors and fonts, and now for not!!!


ioi is probably writing an angry response as I write this.

Here we go!



I don't think it's complete yet, at least I hope so...
What about:
-Sales Chart
-Ratings Feature
-Screen Shots





Guitar Hero 3/ Smash Hits

Can I at least get a reason for a lock? Maybe an explanation?

Gee, I'm a mod for chrissakes.



Looks like one user profile, I don´t like it.

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I liked the chart, and I wish that the comments were under the sale history rather than description so it would look more bablanced out.


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