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TheSource, there's a 95% chance that larry is Washimul, our former Cell and Lair/Motorstorm worshipper.

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From these guesstimates TheSource, it would appear Microsoft's NA numbers are decidely stronger than Sony's Others numbers on a weekly basis. There are many who believe, worldwide, the PS3 is beating the 360 monthly. Is it possible to find any concrete April numbers for Europe?

gentian said:
Yep PS3 numbers look optimistic. I.e. there is a decent chance it will be below your low range. For information, the lowball estimate from your numbers is 4.115 Million by October 31. Wii numbers look about right since it is roughly what they say they will be making. And I have no idea what that prod on November 13th is for British people -- and I'm British. Were you thinking of November 5th, which is Fireworks night??

Well they've sold roughly 3.3 million consoles in 6 months. Do you really think the next 5 months would only sell 800k consoles? If that comes to be the case, I think sony's only option would be a huge price cut.


20K per week in NA, 10K per week in Japan = 664 in 5 months. Of course Europe is unknown in detail. And if it falls from that yes it could sell less than 800K in 5 months. The story of PS3 has been very strong launch (not meeting demand in Japan/NA and high sales in Europe) and then fast falloff. Which is why 3.3 million in 6 months is not really 500K per month.