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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Prediction: PS4 will outsell the entire Nintendo family (3DS, Wii U, NX) by March 2018

PS4 will be lucky to pass 3DS by 2018.

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Big prediction. I think the NX is going to flop, it'll have similar sales to the WiiU.

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gatito said:
PS4 will be lucky to pass 3DS by 2018.

Okay okay okay, while I do not agree with Turkish or share his views on this matter, Ps4 is easily passing 3DS by the end of next year (2017). 


3DS is probably what slightly breaks this theory.

What I'm more interested in is how many weeks PS4K needs to outsell WiiU and NX combined.

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This is like saying the NX will outsell the PS4 lifetime sales.

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So you believe PS4 will start pulling 20m+ per year consecutively while NX will sell only 5m on its 2 first years combined?

I strongly disagree with your prediction. This is definitely not going to happen.

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So you basically expecting that PS4 will sell from 31. march to end of year 19m and that NX will fail!?

End of 2016
PS4 ~ 56.2 million
3DS ~ 63.35 million
Wii U ~ 13.50 million
NX ~ 0

End of 2017
PS4 ~ 72.2 million
3DS: 66.35 million
Wii U: 13.70 million
NX: 7.00 million

Q1 2018
PS4: 74.2 million
3DS: 66.50 million
Wii U: 13.75 million
NX: 8.00 million

Nintendo family (88.25 million) > PlayStation 4 (74.2 million)

I hardly agree with you'r numbers, though we will see. :D ( also, really, my NX numbers predictions are SERIUSLY random guess lol)

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In December 2019 i predicted 21m Switch, but that was before COVID, obvius increased my predictions.

Ljink96 said:
Let's get real. PS4 is selling well but the last fiscal year Sony only shipped 17.7 PS4s, not sold. Doubt it'll get up to the 20M or mid 20's. Keep in mind, Nintendo's planning on shipping I think 12 million of these NX things in the next year so they may be cheap and cheap sells, especially if the hardware is good.

Didn't that rumour say 2016? So yeah... we all know that won't be happening

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I think there's too many factors to say what will happen. Like how well Nintendo supports the 3DS, and how well the NX does. It's impossible to predict how well it will do because we don't know the specs, games, or even the concept of it, and even if we did, predictions of consoles can be way off regardless of what we know about it. The Wii U is an example of that.

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